NECROMNIKUS by christar


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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 06, 2004
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Necromnikus, Lord of the Dead, Master of the Netherworld, a being comprised of the raw forces of power, anger, and vengeance! Here he stands in all his dark glory, bathed by the souls whose fates are to endlessly serve his whims. Necromnikus stares through the Celestial Portal of gold and magic, through the many layers of time and space, waiting for his moment of destruction!!

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christar's picture

Thanks Varian!

varian's picture

I read all the comments first, so now I won't ask how long this took you to do. Very cool swirling "screams", and your demon looks like a demon should look. Love the border too, of course. Really nice work all around, Chris!

christar's picture

Thanks Bill. I agree that this image is one of my coolest. I keep trying to improve it over the years.

bcorbett67's picture

I'm really glad to see this one back Chris, one of your very best Smile

christar's picture

Thanks Leo. I have been working on this image for about 3 years on and off, believe it or not. Heh heh. Love your composition and style.

christar's picture

Thanks Holger. I just try my best to create quality art with the limited amount of technical knowledge that I have, sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don't.Hopefully in the years to come, I will becime more consistent. Cheers Smile

Guest's picture

I have thought about doing a series of images with cool knotwork borders like this, but it would take me quite a while to produce. Time, I need time. I wish I could enter a magical pocket dimension, where time stood still, and finish all my art ideas to completion. That would be cool. Thanks for your comment Terry. Smile

leowinstead's picture

This must've taken a long time to paint. All the details and border art really tie it together. Good job.

mangalore's picture

Hey, guy! You're back!! Splendid work, Christoph just keep it up. This picture already shows you've all that's necessary for a great artist!

frodo's picture

Great piece Chris...lets see some more like this one...!

christar's picture

Actually, yes. You are very perceptive and have an excellent memory!
I took out the original lightning which was wonky, enlarged the central figure, and desaturated some green from the border making it darker and more goldish. Thanks for noticing! Wink

thrax-1's picture

Are you refining the piece with each submission chris?, it just looks better with each time you submit Tongue. Still looks real good!. Still amongst your best pieces imho!.

Art at its best.