War Galleon Inogen! by christar

War Galleon Inogen!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 21, 2005
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I thought of crossing a Roman slave ship with a 14th Century English Galleon for this commission. Another mini-painting. Smile

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...composition and finesse to make my images more effective. Thanks again Walt!

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Hey! Wow! I got a comment from Walt Bayless! wheeee! Thanks! I've left millions of comments on the likes of Linda B., Christophe Vacher, and other super artists, so thanks for taking the time to actually look at my stuff! I've always thought you were one of the coolest personality's here on Epilogue! Anyway, I think I am learning to tone down the amount of details and concentrate more on compos

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This is a great piece, Christopher. It's not very often that something with so much detail is so pleasant to look at. Great job!

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War Galleon Inogen = wallpaper pleace
Cemil - Turkey

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Word up King Kong Hong Kong Ping Pong Ding Dong! I like how your comment blends from the rational into the insane quite elegantly! Yeah I agree, life is safer inside, but just like Bilbo Baggins, you've got to go outside your Hobbit hole in order to really experience life. But in reality they're aren't any dragons, elves, or gold at the end of the rainbow for that matter. Sad

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Hey Chris! Wudup frakjackhomeeG? I love this piece. I think the lighting offers a vigorous sense of hope; that calmer waters are ahead. Just like life; storms only last a awhile then, when the rain stops you can go outside again and get stared down by all your strange neighbors and their dog comes over and urinates on your leg and you realize that it's safer inside.

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Wow. I consider you to be one of the most talented people I have ever seen. A very humble thank you. Smile

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Considering your talent and your precision, if you really intend to make jewelry, I will probably have to kill you... *teeheeheee* Kudos, man !

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Heh heh, thanks James Smile Don't feel bad, this is a new pic I recently posted, so you couldn't have seen it before. Also, you are the second person to say that this image makes you seasick, so I guess I must have done a good job rendering it realistly! lol. Smile

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Thanks Stella, water is a beautiful thing isn't it. Full of mystery. Smile

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Nice painting! The contrast between the bulkiness of the ship and the aggressive looking water is beautifully rendered.

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Oh man I have no excuse, I blindly missed this one, Christopher, the thumbnail really does not do it any justice at all, the movement achieved by your superb rendering of water is brilliant.....makes me feel quite seasick! LOL!

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Thank you! I looked briefly at your gallery, but didn't have time to see it all yet. Great stuff! I will return!

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A fine piece of work!

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Thank you Rita. The water was sort of a "Happy Accident" resulting from lots of trial and error. I was happy that what I was trying for actually came very close to what I envisioned in terms of water/wave structure. and yeah, while painting this I realized that it would probably be terrifying to be on one of these little boats out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Our ancestors were crazy! I bet you there were lots of giant squids and other sea monsters back then. Guess I'll have to save that for another image!

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Hey thanks Marley, I always appreciate your comments. The up hill battle is the use of a slanted line for compositional momentum. I have sold a lot of those little oil mini-paintings on ebay before, so I figured a digital mini-painting could be valid too. Smile

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Christopher - this is so nice. Love the movement of the water. Guess, I would get seasick Wink

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Yep, it sure is a mini painting alright Laughing out loud. Again pinted nicely. I like how it seems to be an uphill battle for the ship as it climbs up the wall of water. cool work^^.

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