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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 02, 2002
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the conversation between a spider and a...woman???

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sooj's picture

hmmm i think i just put a greyish wash first then i ran a dry brush with grey paint over it....and that gives you the rough effect,

fegan's picture

Hey!I wonder how you did the grey wall!!!Acrylic?

sooj's picture

the only digital work is the tan color around the picture, an i darken it abit thats all, an no she doesnt want to be a spider...it doesnt indicate she wants to be a spider, she just talking to it tis all, and quite frankly i hate spiders, thought look cool if there was one on her hand, thanks for the comment on my watercolor, im getting good at it

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So does she actually want to be a spider with those cables on her back? Some kind of grotesque fascination here? That's cool watercolor work, but do I detect some digital placement on the matt there?

baylessiii's picture

Sooj, you have talent coming out of your ears. Only seventeen and already very rich mood to your work! The sky's the limit.

Guest's picture

yeah i like this one too

shoulda scanned it at a higher res but... i want detail dammit!Tongue

gotta go... well i dont really but i always say that...

sooj's picture

well this is my first go at this style and i wasnt exactly thinkin of focal points and positions and things like that soooo....but anyways thanks for the advice, ill try to keep that im mind next time i draw a picture

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one big problem with it is that the composition leads the viewer right of the page or atleast the focus point right to the tip of the foot then ends there. However, not to bad figure anatomy especially concerning the fingers and hands. And by the way not a bad watercolor either.

vengince's picture

Most excellent piece Sooj..I like the composition the design very good.

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looks scary!!! I like the colors and the style

Art at its best.