Dwarven hero by kiara

Dwarven hero

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 08, 2010
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1) What? No beard???
No, I felt like drawing him without a beard... maybe he is a rebel, maybe he just doesn't like beards, maybe his tribe requires people to shave Smile

2) Doesn't he look a bit tall?
Yes, maybe... and surely I could have put more effort in designing dwarven anatomy... but I haven't made lot of practice in drawing dwarves (I usally draw elves!)
Besides, I had this fantasy world in my mind, where dwarves and elves were already so much mixed with humans that they could be considered all to be half-dwarves and half-elves. He could fit perfectly in this world Smile

3) He looks like Mel Gibson in Bravehart... no wait, he looks like Liam Neeson in Rob Roy!
Great movies, and wonderful actors! Both of them! But the resemblance is completely unintended!
(My male characters often end up looking like Liam Neeson... I wonder why? )

4) What are the media?
I drew and inked the picture traditionally (you can see the b/w picture in my gallery), then I coloured it digitally.
I decided to go CG because my scanner hates colored pencils, and I am tired to upload pictures that look crappier than they are and then having to explain the reasons.

5) Is the cape just hanging from his back? It doesn't seem to be tied or anything...
It's attached to the back of his armour... err... I know it doesn't make sense.... Tongue

6) What's his name?
Is name is Valichen (va-lie-ken) Smile
(Thank you, Robbie!)

I am not sure I want to put it in scraps because it is a finished picture, after all... what do you suggest?

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