hell rider by fredrik

hell rider

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Added: Feb 07, 2002
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I must say, that if this image isn't great, then there's no such thing as great! It's FANTASTIC! when first I clicked the icon I expected a dark blob with spikes, but you proofed me wrong! the atmosphere is overwhelming and the sky is just beautiful! that rider must be very powerful! Smile

fredrik's picture

wow! that a very cool description Robert.

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It came out of the mist on two powerful limbs. The beast rises higher than any man and is black as midnight. Jagged horns pierced out from its dark flesh along its head and back. The beast, no... the monster, from the depths of hell rears its massive head howling an unearthly sound and nashing its masive jaws. Its tail thrashes back & forth stirring up more dust. You shiver then notice the dark master atop the hell beast, covered from head to toe in plate and scales. Two fiery eyes penetrate the black interior of the great horned helm that covers the riders features. The rider raises his jagged lance in mock tribute laughing with a sound that tears through your soul. Fear has never been like this before.

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Aloha ditt as du, har ju blivit en gris på att måla. Maleficio.com

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Oo, came here through the random image thingie. Gorgeous image. Very intimidating.

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I think this is my favourite of your paintings...it's got a marvellous sense of action to it, and the creature design is superb. Great stuff!

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this picture is incredible

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*runs to hide underneath a pillow*

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Jeepers creepers, this is awesome!. Dark, scary, fiendish things with badass riders are rated oh so highly in my books.

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awesome design! And so consistant. The sword even looks like an additional appendage to the rider. And the beast is truely, truely horrifying. So coiled and angry, like it's either about to lash out or rampage, or maybe just sit there, forever in seething judgement. Beautiful effects with the oil colors. They almost have the look of watercolors' immediacy. A nice, light touch that's also perfectly detailed.

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Its good to see you posting here at Epilogue. This is one fantastic image. Love it!

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Your pictures are really great. I love your designs, very intelligent and creative.

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You just became one of my new heros here Fredrik, the two pics you posted so far are killers. Great visions of dark fantasy, very moody coloring and intricate design! Every day I see nifty digital renderings, but doesn`t matter how good they get, they somehow just can`t touch a skilled oil painting (neither Photoshop nor Painter). In my humble opinion oils are the king`s class in the world of painting. Post more pictures! PS: If one would read it in German your name says something like 'Cream Fist', but I assume it says something different in Swedish? Laughing out loud

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marvelous - the heavy, dark, evil beast, the fog.. great image!

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This is a very powerful image. Interesting is that it seems the rider has control of the sky.

Art at its best.