water nymph by fredrik

water nymph

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Added: Jun 27, 2002
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i really wated a water nymph and would love to get this as a tattoo.

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oh my goshness im jealous!i myself am a budding artist. maybe one day you'll be jealous of me!

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is this pic yours? aw hell, I can't believe I never commented! I saw it once while flipping through the Editors pick, and loved it then, and I still do! Smile the fins on her left hand are so natural, and the way the ears seems engraved in her skull... *kiss* and you topped it off with that bright green eye! you truly are amazing! Smile

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WOW!!! thats absolutely fantastic. May whatever hallucinagenic your using be plentiful.


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this image is completed wonderfully. it really gives a fantastic feel to the water, as if something or anything could be lurking somewhere in it's dark depths. you can easily capture the feel and the mood of the nymph and her movements, it's almost like you're in the picture with [her] and you can feel the swirl of the silt or whatnot around you. its amazing, bravo!

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All I have say.

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Thank you Marcela

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wow, definately my fav. from your gallery. Great job!

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well,i like the lightning,and the technique,espacielly the thingy on the head...thats fantastic:-)

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Amazing control over the colors, I love the subtle shades and shapes. And I love your choice of colors. Love your work!

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thank you

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Doesn't get much better than this. I love the lines; the motion of the water can be seen in how things are stringing around, and the expression and body language are subtly true. Oh, and the character design is tops too!

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Thank you. Yes that was the intent here, to catch a glimpse of this creature stirring up the silt at the bottom of a very dark body of water.

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Good show old boy! You've really done it this time!!

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Fabulous use of color in this one. People always seem to make water bright with streaks of noonday sun lighting everything. I'm glad to finally see a picture drawn for night, or else a place underwater that sunlight can't reach.

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Gorgeous underwater imagery! I really like how you've blended humaniod with plant to create the creature.

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This is a great !!!! If there was such a thing this is what it would look like i love the water and bubbles ......

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Excellent colour composisiton, detail and structuring. It is beautiful, a well deserved Editor's Pick. Wink

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I like it very much, nice colors. It looks very alien but not too scaring Smile
I love the eyes!

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Thank you

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Amazing color and composition, a very dynamic and energetic image.

Art at its best.