Epona by rhiamon


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Added: Feb 12, 2002
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Goddess of fertility, abundance and prosperity, and protector of horses, Epona is depicted here with one of her charges.

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Thank you! Smile

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Thank you, James! Even though I've been dabbling in watercolours lately, I still find myself gravitating back to coloured pencils!

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Thanks, Tatiana! I'm a big fan of the "Gibson Girl" look, and I thought it fit her!

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Now that's beautiful.

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Ah! Epona the horse Goddess! what a lovely rendition, and in my favourite medium too! I must say Mary that your depiction of the celtic deity is very Arthurian and regal, the Lady is beautiful, a real treat!

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I really like this I love how you did the hair. and her and the unicorn or pony is pretty. Smile


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You are a unicorn person too, I see. This is simply lovely! Both Lady and unicorn are beautiful.

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Romanticism achieved. To create an expression that harvest emotion, a bit of the human suffering condition from an object is very hard to do. To keep them natural looking or just simply drawn completely is a task. To enfuse them with soul and tenderness s part of the magic.

I hope you continue in this area, capturing a poloroid movement and going beyond a simple painting into soul, reproducing that inner spiritual limmunication. best of luck to you, see you ebed

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This surely is my favourite one in your gallery so far, I have this...thing for horses. It puzzles me beyond belief. =)

As for the picture in question, the shading between the trees really makes the characters stand out. The tiny bush on the left's...cute! I wouldn't have done it any other way myself.

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Wonderful, soft colors, an elegant atmosphere. Beautifully composed characters. ^_^ I love the woman's gentle features and expression.

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Very Beautiful! I really like the detail in the bodice, and the lady has a very pretty face.

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beautiful work. Your stuff has quite a silvery, celtic, druid- kinda look. Its a great style, and something I feel suits your drawings very well. Keep it up Wink

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Beautiful drawing here, very nice colors. The young woman is very attractive. By the way, you ever play Zelda 64? If so, do you remember the horse Epona? I'm wondering what the origin of Epona is now, is it from Greek or Roman Mythology? Been seeing a lot of horses called Epona lately, but no reference to Zelda, so I was just wondering. Anyway, great pic!

Art at its best.