Zragen the Conquering Ogre & Yubchee by thedarkcloak

Zragen the Conquering Ogre & Yubchee

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 27, 2002
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An ogre who was the black sheep of his clan, Zragen, took off to go on his own. During his nomadic journey, he ran into an imp, Yubchee, who had been turned into a rat by a fallen enemy. They now travel the land, while taking down all armies & empires who would oppose them. Zragen proudly wears a large quilt, sown from the flags and ensignias of those who disturb their journeys. Needless to say, royalty from all lands near & far, would pay a great amount to any who can manage to bring these two, dead or alive. When raged, Yubchee (the imp/rat) can become a very destructive force, a side effect of his transformation. --Ok I'll stop here. This one took quite a while to get everything right. I wish I could have done more with this pic, but I'm sure I will be doing more on these two soon.

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I know you!!! oh wait... this is my pic... Heh. RANDOM IMAGE..

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What can I say man, this ogre kix ass and I like the lil storyline you did for this pic. ***Two Thumbs Up*** lol

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Yes Doom Hog and his farm animal friends are something that is swirling about in my head, though I have not done too much as far as a comic. (you know how that goes where you have everything in your head, but not finished out of it). I'm glad you enjoy my twisted farm land story. It kinda surprises me actually, I have been getting some good feedback on it. Don't worry, You will definitely see more "disturbingly nightmarishly looking" sheep & other animals soon. And maybe even monkeys, cuz monkeys are funny. Not sure why but they are right? Ok I stop my babble here... THANX!

Art at its best.