The Unlikely Guardian by thedarkcloak

The Unlikely Guardian

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 02, 2002
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I was just experimenting & doodling, next thing you know, I'm sleepy, and I get swept away without knowing it (happens alot). Here I depict a beast who lives in a bell tower, from which he watches the land below. My attempt at creating better visuals with photshop only. (no scans). Since I usually work in inks only, thought it would be interesting to draw in pencils again, only digitally.

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thedarkcloak's picture

Thanks so much for stopping by. Smile Seeing this made me feel pretty damn good today. Thanks!

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Hi Sal. Love this a whole lot. Looks awesome. love Angie

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He reminds me of a gargoyle ... I could see him perched upon the tower top, watching, protecting ... although he has a menacing look to him, I feel that he is good ... definitely a protector.

thedarkcloak's picture

THANX WALT! It's really cool to see ya stop by time and time again! Yeah, I wanted to make him look sinsterly heroic... Smile

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Salvador! Now you know I'd like this guy! I'm a sucker for grayscale too! Nice anatomy and he has a certain demonic nobility that makes him look as sly as he is scary. Two claws up!

thedarkcloak's picture

Yeah I agree on the wings aspect, but I didn't really notice that 'til the drawing was pretty much finished. ACK pesky i-messed-that-part-up-cant-do-much-about-it-now syndrome! Thanx 4 stopping by. Glad you loved this, words like that are very encouraging. More soon. Smile

socar's picture

Nice pose--I like it a lot! He seems very powerful, as though he'd crush an enemy with a single blow. One small critique--I think his wings need to be bigger--MUCH bigger--to support the weight of such a huge frame. It's a minor thing, though...I really love this.

Art at its best.