Doom Hog: Good, Bad... He's the one with the gun! by thedarkcloak

Doom Hog: Good, Bad... He's the one with the gun!

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 13, 2002
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The title is a little homage to one of my favorite film series. The image, of course, is based on the farm animals vs the alien creatures series that I have been doing. A reworking of this pic was apparently needed, and here's the results. Added some cast shadows ("drama?"), as well as working on the gun & DH a bit more. Hope it payed off!

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thedarkcloak's picture

Ha ha!!! Oliver you hit it right on the nose... That's pretty much the kind of scruffy, take no prisoners, doesnt mind getting his hands dirty, gotta survive, all out action kinda guy that is Doom Hog. So glad I put that across as of course all the obvious satires... The Thing (carpenters version), Rambo, Die Hard, TMNT, Aliens, etc etc... Smile :) Smile

fantasio's picture

wow,i love that die hard crossing teenage mutant piggy heroes or something,great colors and strange imagery right here....hmmm well,lets see whats next:-)

stargirl's picture

woah freaky! LOL amazing. I saw your earlier version of it, and this is better! the gun stands out so much more and just makes the picture clearer in a sense...

thedarkcloak's picture

Hey Walt, yeah I really wanna take it up a notch. Or at least try to. Really appreciate the support too Walt. Thanx for stopping by again! now if only I could get my hands on painter... hmmmm

baylessiii's picture

This kicks ass, Sal! Tons of killer personality on your Doom Hog, lol, I love it (really dig the gun)!!!! Very nice artwork. Yes, your extra work and constant improvement made for another really cool painting! I honestly look forward to your next piece! Let me know!

thedarkcloak's picture

=) Thanx Sara! I'm a big fan of that whole movie series, it might even show... hmmm... well thanx for dropping by, and for the kind words.

azayaka's picture

fabulous! wonderful! all those good adjectives:) not too mention the army of darkness quote:)

thedarkcloak's picture

I'm glad you think the extra work put in was worth it. Yeah, I personally was surprised how much better the gun turned out, as well as the rest of the pic. Special thanx to everyone who gave their 2 cents & more for this pic. And thanx a whole lot more for making Doom Hog & Co. a favorite around here, it's very encouraging!

thedarkcloak's picture

Yeah it can be a bit of a downer sometimes, but seeing it make it in brought a smile to me just now. I hope the same works out for you! Keep at it! Thanx for the feedback too! =)

thedarkcloak's picture

Thank you, I think I had to push myself to the smallest details for this one. This made my day! Thanx for the encouraging words- & I will def keep doing! =)

jade's picture

Good job! I see you added more detail to the gun - and it did it good. Like I said before, the reflection in his goggles is my favorite part. =)

shiroi's picture

I love this man. I saw your post in the forum, it turned out very nice! But now I'm having a problem with mine getting in, lol. Very good job though.

ann's picture

Wow!It's amazing!very impressive,and looks like real!I like your work,keep doing.Smile

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