Return of the Barbarian Dead Hero by thedarkcloak

Return of the Barbarian Dead Hero

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 23, 2002
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Surprisingly, I did most of this one while I was at work (heh). Just felt an urge to revisit this character, and so here is the result. He's getting funner to draw , although in different armor n stuff this time around. Really there is no set costume for the Barbarian Dead, the main thing is the character himself, and just the mood & idea. Hope u enjoy! Definitely more like this to follow soon.

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Hey vato. I like your creations. You wrote that you had a facination with angels. I like them too. So if you got some angel drawings, how about putting some up. Thanks.

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Very disturbing image. I love it!

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Wow! For a sec there I thought this stuff was driving ppl to not comment! I haven't seen any comments in here for a while... on any of my pics... Thanx, I appreciate it, and I certainly will keep em coming! as sson as this lack of creativity goes away... dang hot weather... bleeergh

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i think this is one of your better pics. i like the darkness it has to it, although most of your pic have that certain darkness to them. but its cool, i like it a bunch! KEEP EM COMIN DUDE, I WANNA SEE MORE!

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Me? Noooo... um... ok ok ok... just a little. heh. Unique too? That's really good to hear! Sometimes I'm not too sure if my art is "seen-it-done-it-all-before... yawn" quality, but I try my best to do what I feel, and give that as well in my art work as well as my music. And surprises? I certainly hope so! Thanx so much for the kind words. I appreciate it!

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Hey Walt! Yeah, I'l definitely let you know when there's more, Smile it's really encouraging that you like my work. TY!

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Your pictures are a little chaotic for me, the details are fortuitous but they have great colors and mood. Perhaps this is one of your best. Your style is different from the most artist here, and I know this unique style will keep some suprise for us. Congrats, and keep up your work!

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Yeaaah, Sal. You know this picture kicks ass! You're gettin' better by the pic! Keep it up, and I'll keep waiting for more!

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Wonderfully scary even? Well put. Smile

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Style? Cool, so I DO have one! ^_^ Yeah, he looks like that one head is not enough, and is ready to lunge over them rocks, to get... *GULP* all of ours! heh... Thanx for taking a look.

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Heh wow Cool I like your style a lot! Urrgh... that head he is holding just gives me the creeps! It's almost if it's talking to me: "You'll join me quite soooon... There is no escape..." It really feels like he is moving. he... eh? oh crap! he is heading this way! Yaiks! *runs away screaming*

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Nothing wrong with shaving with a sword like that, I personally shave (when i have time) with one of my own swords. Usually the claymore. Smile A hell's general feel? That's a good thing in this case yes? heh... Maybe he likes ham too. lol.. thanx for the comment and taking a look... Smile

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Wonderful! Scary!

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let me guess... the moral to this story is not to shave with a broadsword... Or to shave other peoplez with a broadsword... or to shave ham....mmmm ham... off the subject here... anyhow great piece. I love his face, conveys a sort of hells general feel, and the sword scares me... a lot... put it in more pictures... heh heh heh

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Grinning like a maniac eh? COOL! It feels good (in a twisted kind of way even) to know that one of my pics had that effect on someone. ;D ... "Insane barbaric emotion"... I LIKE THAT PHRASE! heh... more of that twisted barbaric insanity soon! THANX for the wonderful comment!

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You certainly have been a great help to me here on epilogue amongst many others, I appreciate it. Yeah I'm trying to get better at not having too much "color-blur" happening in my pics that clash with the original line work, so I'm starting to toy around with different ways of getting my work done, from start to finish. I'm trying to keep at it! Thanx again!

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*swoon* THANX! ^_^ U said... "I love all the linework; adds a dynamic quality that so many digital pieces lose in the overworking". Thanx for that comment as well, I am truly trying to get better at that. He'll be rocking around these pages more soon... Smile

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Oh wow..this is great! Fun to draw you say? Fun to look at too... By the time it had fully loaded I was grinning like a maniac Laughing out loud The drawing has loads of movement to it, and insane barbaric emotion - really cool

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I think this is your best piece yet. The design is what makes it - it works as just a shape, even before you see the details. Also, your line-work is getting better each time out! (Not thrilled with the right shoulder, but the rest is very good). Lastly, I think the digital coloring is working very nicely with the line art - neither one seems to be fighting the other. Great job!

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I love all the linework; adds a dynamic quality that so many digital pieces lose in the overworking. All the details....this guy rocks! From the arrow in his shoulder to the trophy head....*swoons*

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Superb you say? Thanx Rafal! That is very flattering coming from an artist as talented as yourself. Again, I appreciate the feedback, more of Barbarian Dead soon!

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you bet I enjoy it! this guy is full of energy! superb stuff Smile

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