Beware the sewer demon! by thedarkcloak

Beware the sewer demon!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 06, 2002
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Beneath the ruins of a once glorius city, the lone huntress prowls about on her quest. What was that noise? ITS A SEWER DEMON!!! LOOK OUT!... n stuff... *AHEM*.. not enough heroic bad a$s female's in my gallery, so I figured I'd address that little problem... Smile Hope she makes the cut!

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::Has a heart attack and, die's:: Or..atleast i would do that if I saw that thing, be like "Play dead and it ownt bother me!"

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Yikes! I like how she doesnt seem 2 be phased at all by this huge monster with red glowing eyez. kewl!

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the chick is pretty cool, but it doesn't look like the quality of the drawing is as good as crimson glucose or dark coak, but I'm no artist, really, it might just be the mediam you used or used or something, and it looked liked you were craving feedback, the rest of the gallery is awsome though, yay

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Great idea... I'll definitely put that to the drawing board. Hmmm... I can picture it now... Thanks for the tip, hope I deliver. Glad she made the cut too. Smile

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She kicks some major ass, so don't sweat it, she makes the cut. Just try to write some more story for her and have her fighting the big bastard behind her and you'll get more of a response. You don't have to follow my advise, just trying to help is all. Anyways kick ass hero girl, and keep up the good work Sal.

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*tap tap tap*... Is anyone here? *in old man voice* Heeellooo-o-o-o?

Art at its best.