Ancient Samurai 2079- the burnt earth by thedarkcloak

Ancient Samurai 2079- the burnt earth

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 11, 2002
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Many ppl have commented that the background for the Samurai pic is good on it's own... so here it is, with out the character put in... I mixed in many different things here, hopefully achieving the look I had in mind. Post apocalyptic is cliche I know I know... but I couldn't resist. Tongue Lemme know what you think!

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thedarkcloak's picture

Hey Judy, you have a good eye. Smile I did use a little photo reference, and basically constructed many of the little things utilizing the parts of the ref pics that I thought would fit into what I had in mind. The main towers are all painted however, without photo ref, and some of the clouds far far in the background are painted over (the small ones towards the horizon). Same goes with the smoke in the foreground, most of it was done from reference. Other than that, the skies, and the larger towers are all still painted. Good that you have mentioned the lighting, I didn't really focus too much on that to notice, until now >.< D'oh! I was too wrapped up on getting the look I wanted. Originally, I was going to add some dry lightning, but in the end, I decided not to (too much clutter?). Plus the fact that this wasn't meant to be a stand alone pic is one of the reasons I also lost some focus. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try keeping it in mind in future pics and BG's.. THANX AGAIN! =D

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It looks kind of like you painted over a photo, or perhaps used some photographic elements. I'm mainly referring to the smoke. I don't have a problem with it really, except the light on that smoke looking stuff in the background (not the white stuff in the foreground) seems to be backlit, and even the painted parts seem to have conflicting light sources. I recommend you pay more attention to light sources.

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