The Barbarian Dead: Burning Eyes by thedarkcloak

The Barbarian Dead: Burning Eyes

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 04, 2002
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This is another that created itself through me... The Barbarian Dead's eyes burning with rage (most likely at whoever bloodied his pretty mug that way), out to deal loads and buckets of HURT. Toying with more ideas, learned a few more things with this one. Staring contest anyone?

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Yo, what up Sal? Nice work on this one--great detail. see what you'll put out next...waiting. Keep at it! Later.

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This looks great, Sal. Very menacing bastard. I love those textures and your anatomy seems to be really coming on strong. It's all that work and I'd love to see where it's taking you next.

Guest's picture've REALLY done it now cloak. You've out done's too good, you couldnt possibley make anything better than this. Good Job dude!

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straight to the point... Thank you. Sometimes the simplest answer is a mouthful in itself I guess. Smile I'm glad you liked it. Don't be shy to tell me more thought son it either, heh. Thanks for commenting!

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Hey Patrick! Thank you! I'm glad you think so... so strange I been scrambling for the better half of this year to be more productive, but it's not satisfying enough, maybe it's just me. Isnt that how it always is? Well, hopefully I can go full force again soon... heop these make the cut til then. Man, it sucks how artists are their own harshest critics doesnt it? Thank again Mega!

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Sexay bay-bee! Yeeeaaah! lol. Ok nuff of that. Thanks for stopping in, yeah I really wanted to get a good mix of everything on this pic. Some line work, some paintliek work, some digiwork, and somehow make it work together. His raged smile was one of the funnest things to do on this one. Hope I pulled it off, seeing as how I havent done an up-close-and-personal style pic of mr barbarian dead here. Hope you enjoyed it. Smile

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Getting better each time out, Salvador! Very cool pic... You are definately kicking into gear these days.

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woah... he's sexy Tongue Those glowing sucken red eyes, his delicate green complexion (great texturing btw Wink) that flawless white smile. Ahhhh. Silliness aside its very cool... the rain drops on the face are particularly great

Art at its best.