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Added: Mar 12, 2002
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This was my second attempt at colored pencil. I used a little white guache for the splatter.
I don't know why, but a big warthog instantly made me think of a happy wizard. Go figure!

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Thanks! Not as good as your colored pencil pieces, though. Smile I've only done a few -- it takes so long!

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Well, this started out as just a sketch of a warthog, copying a picture I saw. But he looked so happy and wise, that I imagined him as a wise old Magus, puttering in his sanctum. I think he is from another world, not ours, and I also think that he knows that we're looking at him. Smile He's very perceptive that way...

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actually what is this.......in your gifted words

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Thank you! I was amazed with the amount of detail you can get out of colored pencils when working on dark board. Glad you liked it!

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I absolutely LOVE it!!! this is an incredible piece!!! especially for just pencils! beautiful concept and amazing skill!!! wonderful job on this patrick! Laughing out loud

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Nice of you to comment, Karyn - thanks! The brick colors were a momentary inspiration; I had sketched them lightly in grey, then realized they would be lit by the yellow/white glow, so the golden color began. At that point you could visibly SEE the light bulb pop up over my head... "Blue shadows! Yeah!" I said out loud... really! So, thanks for noticing!

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Hey, Patrick. Very impressed with your gallery. This guy especially. It's funny, but what I really love is the stone wall behind, and the contrast of the golden brick with the cool shadows. Great color choices. And don't get me started on your attention to detail. Wonderful.

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So far, I've done all my colored pencil pieces on black Letraset board. I think colored pencils on colored board are the way to go!

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no sh*t, colouring in pencil.O_o Shock
m8 that looks so smooth.so what was it p*painted* on then?

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Thanks, Denny!

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wow this is color pencils! wow! the conceptm is really cool and the moon was beautifully done! wow wow!

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Thanks! I was trying for a sort of Nouveau thing with the window and metal work. Glad you liked it!

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Excellent image; the details, mood and lighting are all solid, and there's some lovely design work in the swirling pattern of the window frame.

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I appreciate your nice comments, Jeff. I don't think anyone has ever called my work either "surefooted" OR "well-integrated", but they are both fantastic things to say. Thanks!

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typical of what i see in your other works- inventive, surefooted, and well-integrated. solid.

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Fantastic image!

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Thank you, Alberto. There are so many great artists showing their best work here, I'm sure you'll pick up lots - it's like an art school! be sure to visit the Forums and the Chat Room, too.

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wow! excellent details and the sky is beautiful. As I'm new here I really hope I can learn a lot

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I appreciate your nice comments, Veronica. About colored pencils, I can only say that they are easier than you might think, when approached with patience and planning. -- I'm glad you like the expression, too! (Even though I "cheated" a bit and gave him a very _human_ eye to catch your attention!)

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It really is difficult to believe this is coloured pencil, a medium I myself wish to learn, perhaps one day to this proficiency! The detail is breathtaking and theres something captivating about the characters expression, something in that eye...
Incredible work.

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Thanks, Tom! I did this in my spare time in the evenings one week - it probably took 10 or 12 hours total. When I did it, I thought that was a pretty excessive amount of time for a colored pencil piece, but I've since been told it was pretty quick! -- My only "secrets" are pretty basic: I worked on black Letraset Illustration board, and had a pretty big set of Prismacolor pencils. Whenever I started an object or area, I would begin very lightly, so the grain of the board would come through, then slowly build up layers, always lightly. Only on the shiny, hard things did I use much pressure. Hmm.. That's it!

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I would have never guessed this to be colored pencils,how long does it take you to do something like this,I am very impressed,I hope you share some of your secrets here sometime.

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Well, I can only say "thanks!" I'm at a crossroads as to where my art will take me, as far as which technique to concentrate on next. This may be the one.

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Wow- I've seen some amazing colored pencil work- but this is just- WOW. I love the sky- hell, I love all of it.

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I'm glad you liked it - makes it worth the time spent!

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The detail in this is amazing!!! The light effects are impressive, and everything about it is so well done.

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Very nice of you to say, John! I'm still casting about to find my favorite technique; one that fits my style and temperment the best. This medium is lots of fun, yet challenging, I'll say that for it. Perhaps a bit too time-consuming for my tastes, but it has a nice "glow" to it, and colored pencil pieces look great framed and under glass.

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Wow !! great work Patrick, and with Coloured Pencils, I'm well impressed.

Art at its best.