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Added: Mar 12, 2002
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This was my second attempt at colored pencil. I used a little white guache for the splatter.
I don't know why, but a big warthog instantly made me think of a happy wizard. Go figure!

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megaflow's picture

Thanks! -- I guess it's iron on the window, and maybe pewter or silver elsewhere. On the other hand, it's probably some alien planet so they might have different metals altogether...

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I love the organic designs in the windowsill and other...ironwork? In this piece. Fantastic sky, too, and the water looks alive!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Oliver! I, too, was impressed with the depth of color in this medium - the colors are really vibrant like oils, and also allow some glazing possibilities. And, it's easier to do fine details, plus you don't have to wait for them to dry! -- No 3D models for this one (though I have done that a couple of times for difficult lighting or perspective). I was trying to just do it out of my head - though I did hold my hands in front of a bright light for reference on those.

fantasio's picture

this is quite amazing,the technique looks at first like digital or oils,i´m sürprised...very excellent lightning and powerfull colors as always...did you use any 3d models or reference for that lightning¿ i guess buy some more c-pencils:-Ð

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you said that, Kay. It's great when someone sees the work first, and the medium second - I think it means I did something right! -- Yeah, this is just the second colored pencil piece; I read an article on it and went out and bought a set of Prismacolors. I have been working on a couple of other projects lately, but hope to get back to the C.P.s soon.

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Fantastic color pencil....and you are just starting out using them? Amazing. I would have never guessed color pencil...This is a really cool work.

megaflow's picture

Thanks very much!

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Truely fantastic!!

megaflow's picture

Ha - I have had that same experience several times, where the thumbnail looks like a completely different picture. The mind has an amazing way of filling things in on it's own, doesn't it? Anyway, thanks much for looking, and I'm glad you liked it!

trevor's picture

This a great piece, it works differently as a thumbnail. I could have swore it was crystal ball when i clicked to view ! but it certantly feels like looking into one, Cheers.

megaflow's picture

*blush* Not really, but thanks! Rendering is my favorite part of illustration (with the final drawing before rendering being the least favorite!).

azayaka's picture

my goodness. you must be, like, a rendering god:).

megaflow's picture

Thanks! How could I be bugged when you're so nice...? And I'm glad you stopped by my gallery, too!

somk's picture

Coloured pencils ?! by Zeus ! Laughing out loud That's amazing... I'm very impressed by your gallery, there is a definitive Pro flavour in all that and it smells classic talentedly mastered fantasy art. I just Love ! I agree with Socar though, 3 sources of lights kinda flatten the composition but hey, that's just to bug you, y'know Smile

megaflow's picture

You are too kind, Walt! I'm going to have to do some more colored pencil pieces; they're turning out to be very popular, I guess. Thanks!

baylessiii's picture

Great scott! How'd I miss this piece? This is fantastic! Your colored pencils are done beautifully! Hat's off to you, Patrick.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Anna! But if you still did colored pencil, we'd miss all your nice watercolors! Wink

Guest's picture

It's beautiful! I love the splatter, think it's my favorite part. When I see pictures like this I wish that I still used colored pencil.

megaflow's picture

I can't tell you how much that means to me, Linda. This sort of comment really inspires me to keep improving - thanks so much!

enayla's picture

Coloured pencils? I am in awe. Utterly flabbergasted.This picture is the kind of picture I would gladly hang on my wall... partly because its crisp rendering, but perhaps most of all because of the colours.

megaflow's picture

I appreciate your comments, Socar - and I'm always happy to accept a well-though-out critique! I think you are right, I may want to go back in and layer some more lights onto the most highly-lit areas... Thanks for all them compliments, too! Laughing out loud

socar's picture

Hey...thanks much for your comment on my "Perfect Day" painting--much appreciated. I decided to have a peek at your gallery as well, having seen you handing out excellent advice all over the forums, and I must say, I'm impressed.

When I saw this picture, I'd have sworn it was oil or gouache--I didn't think this kind of rendering was possible with coloured pencils.

The only critique I'd have for this picture is that the scene seems a little flattened out--I think the lighting would be affecting the character's robe more dramatically, for instance, and the hanging globes. However, I'm just stunned that you managed to get this level of sharpness and contrast out of coloured pencils--and such an awesome concept, too--so I'm not complaining.

megaflow's picture

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

megaflow's picture

Gouache is a thicker, more opaque version of watercolor. They cover nicely, and like watercolor are easy to apply to paper, as in this instance. -- As to the colored pencils: try to find a starter set of a dozen on sale somewhere, or online. I'm sure you can get a good set for around $10 or so if you search. I wouldn't get a cheap brand, though, because your results will be much worse. Hold out for a good brand, such as Prismacolor.

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hey...I've been to your gallery before. I just didn't recognise the name. Here's another question for you: what the heck is guache? Looking at your pic here...I don't think i'll be coming up w/ anything like that for years at the least. I'll have to scrounge up some cash and see what colored pencils I can buy w/ pocket change though.

abroenink's picture

Hello Patrick, welcome to the Garden. Thank you very much for joining. Smile

megaflow's picture

I love to hear it!! But beware colored pencils - they rule only by fear and intimidation. They are cruel masters - yet with their pain they bring pleasure. Oh, yes, an addictive pleasure beyond imagining.

griffingirl's picture

Love it, love it, love it!

megaflow's picture

Hi! Thanks a lot -- I just looked at your wonderful gallery, and an ornament prize from you means a lot! You art the master of that skill. I will leave some messages there about your lovely paintings.

mermalior's picture

I like the ornaments of your orbs. I'm a fanatic ornament fan, hmmmm... you got a special prize from me:))

Art at its best.