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Phoenix Orb Poster by megaflow

Phoenix Orb Poster

Artwork Stats

Artwork Stats
Added: May 16, 2002
Views: 18986
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Comments: 42

Artwork Description

This was the promotional poster for the novel "The Phoenix Orb". I'm updating some of my scans lately, so this is a better version than was previously shown.

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megaflow's picture


Guest's picture

this is beautiful...............

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Maxwell, you're very kind! I did enjoy playing with all the bright hot colors. -- For a publication piece like this, I do a fairly tight sketch of the outlines, which I scan and do some cleanup on, then print out. Then I use the method that Todd Lockwood documents on his site (and Donato on his!) of having the sketch enlarged onto paper at a copy shop with one of those giant roller copiers (I use 90lb hot press watercolor paper), then I laminate onto untempered masonite. I like painting much more than drawing, so I keep the drawing phase as short as possible this way, and I'm always sure the sketch that was approved by the client will be exactly where I start. -- On the other hand, some of my paintings (the ones with no deadlines, or longer ones at least) start with a pencil sketch which I tape up on to the easel, then just attack the blank canvas using the sketch as a starting point. This can work too! Paintings where I used this looser method include "Windmill", "Zombie Showdown", and "Alien Beauty"

Guest's picture

Excellent painting. Your blending of yellows, oranges and reds is beautiful and astounding. Tell me, do you sketch out your pictures with pencil before you paint them, or do you just start painting?
Your work is enchanting.

megaflow's picture

Well, thanks for all the praise, but your work is coming along nicely, too! And that's good to hear that you are motivated by the work of others -- I know I still am, for sure. Epilogue is great for both learning and keeping us humble! And don't worry about commenting, because I love to hear it. That keeps me working hard, as well. Wink

Guest's picture

I don't know why I bother commenting on art this good. Just to add my voice to the choir I guess. I some day hope to be this good. Your work is absolutely amazing, and both motivational and discouraging at the same time Cool. Motivational because it makes me want to be this good some day, and discouraging because it makes me realize how far I am from being this good. I am an epilogue artist (though still in my humble beginings with only a few pieces accepted.) I just am not logged on, but my user name is aragorn.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Marley - it's nice of you to "take the tour", and leave so many nice comments. I appreciate it greatly!

thrax-1's picture

this is brilliant painting,i keep picking up images,i have'nt seen in your gallery.theres just tooo many in one sitting.this is real pure fantasy here.reminds me of some artwork in "Wicthes,Goblins,Ogres and Fantasy"book that i was given back in the eighties" aaaaaaaaahhhhh good memories.hehe.nice 1
cu l8tr

megaflow's picture

And thank YOU, Mr. McPartlin! I love doing this sort of work, so it's good to hear you dig it.

somerset's picture

Aw! this is my kinda thing, light and dark, shadows and stuff, ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by art like this, and seeing this one certainly keeps the passion burning(no pun intended) thanks Mr McEvoy

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it... Smile

paata's picture

Great image!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Monica. I am happy with the fire as well, I think... The poster was just printed and sent to me this week, so I'm happy about that! Sadly, the printing came out kind of light and the fire looks a bit washed out. Gladly, this version will always be here to be more "correct"!

monstarling's picture

Oh my god... I am speechless! The fire, and specially the Phoenix, are simply amazing.

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you liked it! The fire was very fun to render with big brushes and lots of paint.

Guest's picture

This is so amazing, I can almost feel the heatwave!

megaflow's picture

THANKS! I have been very inspired lately by your work specifically, Walt; I really have been thinking of your stuff as I've been trying to loosen up my brushstrokes, like on this piece. I appreciate your comments!

baylessiii's picture

Wow! Patrick, you must be thrilled with how your work is going! Absolutely gorgeous stuff! You are doing an amazing job! Truly thrilling stuff!

megaflow's picture

Well, I don't know if I'm all _that_ big a fish (sheepish grin...) but thanks! -- I have to keep improving to keep up with everyone here at Epilogue; this place just keeps setting the standards higher every time I look around. It's a great thing! (The old masters like Rembrandt will ALWAYS keep me humbled, though, big time).

Guest's picture

You are indeed on the right track Patrick...I wonder though how you big fishes still manage to improve Laughing out loud So far my favorite of yours (together with Turf Wars), I love every little detail here even the leastest of those smutty parchment pages flying around! The lighting is excellent already but if you really try this Rembrandt single-candle thing then call me immediately I want to see THAT!! (I have a Rembrandt T-shirt and wear it pretty often, hoping that some of his talent will one day by mystical transfer flow into my lowly hands)

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jean-Pierre - your kind words let me know that I'm on the right track! I'll keep kicking myself to get better, as you seem to do with every painting.

vengince's picture

I agree great movement in this piece, and the composition very well done the phoenix is wicked great colors.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, parisa, for your very pleasant comments! I think your gallery shows that there are more ways to create fantasy Art than people sometimes realize...

parispanah's picture

it's a very grear oil work, I like your style , it has a very good movement in flames , papers and monsters ,
I really admire you for your good imaginary , compositoon and nice coloring ,
Thanks also for your comment on my gallery and your good understanding of my style , I liked your visiting of my gallery esp because it let me to see your nice work! Be successful

megaflow's picture

Hey there, Patrick! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The original is 18"w x 24"h. It actually has about an extra inch and a half on the left and about a half-inch on the right, that are cut out here for the final version. (Plus I added about a half-inch to the bottom in PhotoShop - can you tell?) The actual poster will be printed at 11" x 17".

megaflow's picture

Thanks Kay! You warm my heart! -- Just between you and me (and everyone else), the papers were done with no ref material - I wanted them to look very free and loose, so I just painted them with a couple of quick layers, then cut them down with dark paint at the end to be the right shape. I'm glad you think they look right!

pakage's picture

Wow! Great colors! Lots of movement to the composition. Looks great. What can I add that the others haven't said? Well done. Since this was done in oil, what is the size of the original?

Guest's picture

CaaaPow! It catches the eye and makes you want to read the story. The successful cover! I love the colors and rendering of course! Your work is great. The papers(pages)really intregue me. Your lighting and folding and well everything about them is perfecto.

megaflow's picture

Glad you think so, Star - and thanks for stopping by my gallery!

stargirl's picture

Wow---it looks awesome! Definitely has a life to it and is plenty enough to intrigue someone for the story of it Smile

Art at its best.