Phoenix Orb Poster by megaflow

Phoenix Orb Poster

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 15, 2002
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Artwork Description

This was the promotional poster for the novel "The Phoenix Orb". I'm updating some of my scans lately, so this is a better version than was previously shown.

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megaflow's picture

Hey, Cos, what can I say but "thanks"!! -- Colors are always tricky, especially in a complicated piece like this, so it's great to hear you like the palette!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Leo - what flattering comparisons! Very discerning of you to note, too, as I did use the old masters technique of starting with a greyscale underpainting then glazing the oils on top in layers. (Not that I'm fit to clean their brushes, mind you!) I was specifically trying (mostly failing) to emulate early Rembrandt in the brushstroke application and textures. --- If I were really brave I'd have stuck to the single light source of the candle, as a Master would, but I wimped out and stuck in a secondary cooler light from the left. Maybe next time I'll find the courage to do that... Smile

leowinstead's picture

Great painting, Patrick. Lots of movement and a great composition. The handling of light on the girl's flesh is reminiscent of old masters like Gerard Honthorst and Carravagio. The detail on the pages and the texture of the table add a great deal to the impact of the work.

cos's picture

wow patrick, kick arse painting! Great dynamic composition and really love your choice of palette here. The fiery phoenix in the top right is friggin awesome.

megaflow's picture

Hi, Cynthia! Glad you like it! -- Now that you mention it, I don't know how many comps I'll get (if any). I forgot to mention that in the contract...! Oh well, I'll let you know... 8(

megaflow's picture

Big thanks, Mark! And if the book outsells H.P., I'll take everyone here out for dinner!

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Glad to inspire, Trevor! --Too much time went into it, to tell the truth...! I think I ended spending about twice the time on it I'd originally planned. Well, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble ; )

Guest's picture

Whoa Patrick...this is explosive! So how do we get a signed poster, eh?

lockett's picture

Great job Patrick, incredibly dynamic. The power just blasts off the screen, the book should outsell Harry Potter!

trevor's picture

I can see alot of time and thought gone into this, i am inspired.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, James. You don't know how great it makes me feel to hear you say that! Now, I just hope this poster helps sell the book...!

naddy's picture

Wow! Patrick this painting is great. The imagery & magic in those flames is wonderful & the painting itself is beautifully rendered, as always.

Art at its best.