Windmill by megaflow


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Added: Nov 11, 2002
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A brave knight faces an undefeatable foe... or does he?

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marieholland's picture

Thank you for the lovely comments on my drawings. This happens to be one of my favorite pieces from you Smile

megaflow's picture

Very high praise indeed, Nell! Thanks for stopping by my gallery.

elven-nell's picture

I love this painting! This represents what fantasy art is all about.

megaflow's picture

Wow - that's very nice of you to say. Thanks (and your gallery is quite wonderful, too!).

blueunicorn's picture

Oh my! I come back to your gallery and realize that I've forgotten just how terrific your art is! All your pieces are a feast for the eyes and imagination!

megaflow's picture

Thanks so much! The feeling of power is very central to the piece - I'm glad it caught you.

megaflow's picture

Thank you for commenting, Denny! The knight and horse were fun - I used a little tiny brush - they're less than an inch high on the canvas...

isenho's picture

woa there patrick! this is indeed amazing! the concept is awsome and that knight along with the horse looks so cool!

Guest's picture

This is an incredible piece of work, it really is. I love the interaction between the sea-monster's hand movement and the tiny warrior. It gives the creature so much power, in my opinion.

megaflow's picture

Wow, great to hear it's inspiring! Judging from the nice work in your gallery, I'm sure you'd do just fine with oils... they do require a bit of a different attitude than the quicker-drying media, but that is more than made up for by the great blending possibilities. Let me know if you try them!

bcorbett67's picture

I must say, I really enjoy looking at this work of yours. I like the way that the rocks and waves draw you into the central figure (clever composition me thinks). I like the play of light, and I like the textures used for the sea, sky and land. I've never painted with oils myself (I guess you need to be patient) but this is so good, I feel quite inspired.

megaflow's picture

Thank you for writing, Marley! I had a lot of fun painting it (it was my first water scene, so I gave the water a lot of extra detail as I figured out how to do it).

thrax-1's picture

this is fantastic,patric,that creature is really something,i also like the water detail and the tiny insignificant knight on horse Laughing out loud awesome

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Tom! I did make this version bigger for more detail, but mostly the colors are more true to the original painting, which certainly helps. I appreciate your great comments!

portalrun's picture

Hi Patrick,this looks like a great classic sea creature, but still unique,one of my favorite pics on epilogue,you seem to have made it better somehow,that knight has his work cut out for him...

megaflow's picture

Thank you, JP! Very glad you enjoyed it. -- The little knight was the last thing I put it; I knew there was going to be -something- there, but I didn't know what. Last-minute inspiration is sometimes the very best thing.

vengince's picture

I will agree with James .excellent piece..I love the small warrior..though small he and his horse have so much motion.

megaflow's picture

I treasure your comment! Thanks so much... And, would it help if I told you he was a friendly creature? He isn't, actually, but would it help if I told you that anyway...? No...

enayla's picture

It's -this- kind of stuff I'm afraid of when I swim out into the sea and I can't see the sand and stones below me anymore. I'm afraid of deep water, and you're really not helping me ;}Heheh, that aside - gorgeous picture. I really love your style - not sure if I've commented before or not, but I'm doing so now. Nifty art =)

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked it Richard! Thanks for posting. I think, for me, I wanted the little knight to be so thoroughly overwhelmed by the monster that he was almost an afterthought in the composition of the picture. I sort of want you to notice him LAST, then take another look at the picture with the true scale in mind... That's the plan, at least!

richard's picture

I love the design of the creature, and the splashing water works very well. I think I'd like a little more emphasis placed on the guy on the horse, but that's just personal taste.

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Leo. And, of course, you will ALWAYS be remembered throughout history as the first person to buy one of my T-shirts with this fellow on it! (Available on my web site, plug, plug!)

leowinstead's picture


This has always been my personal favorite among your work. I love the way you've rendered the light and all the details help to reinforce the composition. The creature design is very inspired!

megaflow's picture

Thanks for the vote of support Anthony! The perspective of the hands was done advisedly... I didn't want it to seem like the creature was too close to you, the viewer, and yet I still wanted it to take up the whole field of view. My way of doing this was to somewhat compress the perspective (the hands are still different sizes, but not dramatically so). But I'm very glad my picture made you interested enough to write so much about it - that's quite flattering to say the least. Thanks again.

megaflow's picture

Cool - I've inspired someone! That's a great thing to say. Also, I think you may be the first person to notice the rocks pointing thing... I had wondered if it wasn't too obvious, but I kind of like the idea. Glad you liked it too!

bliz's picture

This is an excellent oil painting Patrick. One of the best I've seen for ages. Great colour and drama, the water effect really works great especially the spray where the creature emerges from.
I have two pieces of constructive critism for you though; The hands [or claws] of the creature are very similar in size but the perspective suggests that the hand nearest the front of the picture should be larger to reinforce the perspective, it's almost as if you've gone through the fore-shortening' process without changing the scale of the arm and hands(?). The other thing is just minor, the painting could have been a bit shorter i.e. the sea and rocks at the bottom of the painting are slightly redundent. As I type I've moved the 'Post a comment' dialogue box over the bottom of the painting and it looks just as dramatic and appropriate. Maybe the scale of the rocks and water at the bottom of the picture should have been larger in scale to really get that sense of distance in there ?
Anyway - great painting, I hope you don't mind the small critisisms, I wouldn't bother critisising if I didn't love the image, it's better than any painting I've ever done.

toddm's picture

Top notch Patrick! I like the way the rocks all point to the sea monster- even the jetty and waves shift focus to the creature. Makes me want to get out my oil paints and brushes!

megaflow's picture

Thanks for noticing all the details - this piece turned into an exercise in detailing in oil, I think. Those finger-webs I think took as long as the rest of the hands, as I re-did them a couple of times for just the right look and size. Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Wow, Danny, that's very nice of you to say. To tell you the truth, I do hope for an "editors pick" every time I submit a piece (it keeps me hungry!) and I do have one,at least! Maybe next time! I'm really glad you liked it.

megaflow's picture

I hardly know what to say, James... Thank you sincerely for your great comments!! Wonderful artists like yourself keep me inspired.

Art at its best.