EverQuest - middle panel by megaflow

EverQuest - middle panel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 16, 2003
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Closeup of the middle panel of the EverQuest box. What can I say about this one...? I love stone staircases for some reason... Oh, and I have a human skull in my office that I use for reference in pictures such as this. That was may favorite part of this section.

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Thanks! I had a bit of work trying to get the simple 3D version of the Goblins to look good as real paintings. But it was fun, too. Smile

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The goblin type creatures are amazing

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Thanks Charles - glad you liked it!

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I play EQ thx for the art work really nice...

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Thanks! You know, I'd kind of seen a curve too - I think the different thicknesses of the flame make it look somewhat curved even though it's straight, like an optical illusion. Probably something I'd have noticed and cleaned up if it were going to be released... Good thing to keep in mind, though!

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Great, I love everything about it. Reminds me of the good old days of my youth and D&D. That plate mail espcially kicks a$$. One nit to pick, the sword looks like it has a slight curve to it. Intentional? It doesn't matter, this piece rocks!

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Thanks! You are very kind. -- You can buy human skulls many places; here is one; http://www.anatomy-resources.com/human-anatomy/sh229.htm

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Did you dig it up yourself?

All your work is wonderful and, as a bonus, you get paid for it too!

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If you read this, there's a really good "rotting skull" you can purchase from the Nightmare Factory for about $25. I bought one a couple years ago and have used it in several paintings. Here's a link: http://www.nightmarefactory.com/shop.html

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Hey, Chris! Glad you like the Goblins, I had a good time with them. -- Revell the model kit makers made (maybe still make?) a REALLY good model of the skull, cast from a real skull. If you can find one on ebay or something it would be the next best thing (maybe even better, as it weights less!).

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I've actually thought about getting a real human skull for reference too, but the idea that it belongs to a dead person is just too freaky, you are truly dedicated to your craft!
2nd, I'd like to say that your Goblin designs are my favorite.

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Thanks, John - I'm just an entertainer at heart, so I'm glad it grabbed you!

jeshannon's picture

Really Stunning work, great colors, details, action !!!!

Art at its best.