Grove of Death! by megaflow

Grove of Death!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 07, 2003
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I'm practicing different techniques lately... This one is several Pencils with a bit of white paint. And Kay Allen wanted to see me do a Drow, so... here we are!

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Guest's picture

Now why didn't you tell me you had her must have been asleep on the 8th...
You know I love this...fantastic.

megaflow's picture

Thanks for looking around and leaving so many great comments, Kort! You're very kind. And I do love roots - drawing them, painting them... I even like root beer, though that may just be a coincidence... Smile

megaflow's picture

Very nice of you to say so, Erika. She's beautiful, but tough - grrr!

twopynts's picture

Sorry, couldn't help the pun. You left such nice comments in my gallery I had to come check out yours. In a word, WOW. I've been admiring your work for some time, and now I know the artist behind the beautiful images. Awsome work Patrick, really outstanding. That goes for this image and all the work in your gallery. Your fondness for roots rivals that of Lisa Hunt. ;'] Keep up the creative work.

erikathorpe's picture

Excellent image, you've really captured her expression.

megaflow's picture

Oh, Socar is probably cooler than me... Wink I'm glad you like my little "Linda defense" thing - Not that she needs my help, but that person was ready to start a big flame war on the boards, so I thought the best way to head that off was a little humor! Always the best antidote to a jerk like that.

chutap's picture

thank you Mr Patrick McE for approving of my piccature!!
hey, i think you're the coolest editor around.. imean...the Linda thing 'linda flies... linda posters...OMG i hate linda'!!! LOL
i was laughing my ass off its sooo funny!!!
btw, i was the one who started the post Tongue

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked it, Bill! Not sure about the arm, except that I did make the thighs and upper arms a bit elongated for effect - maybe that's what you are seeing. Thanks for the comments!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Manuela - it's my first Drow, so I was a little worried about the overall design. Glad you liked it!

megaflow's picture

I live but to awe, Nell - thanks! Actually don't do a lot of pencil work to this level, but what I've done so far I've enjoyed. I've mentioned elsewhere, I really don't enjoy the basic "drawing" phase of a picture, I like rendering better. I guess when can let go of the idea the pencil has to be "drawing" and just get into the lush layering, I have more fun.

elven-nell's picture

Wow, this is bloody awesome! Sheesh, and I can't believe it's pencil! I'm jealous!

bcorbett67's picture

Great picture Patrick, very dynamic, I really like those branch like hands. Although, for some reason her left arm dosent look right to me, I can't explain why, so I think it might just be me. It's better than I can do anyway Smile

kassandra's picture

Wonderful shading *envy*
And a very nice Drow concerning character design.

megaflow's picture

Very high praise, Alexandru. Thanks!

Guest's picture

WOW this is great Patrick it should have gotten and editor's pick. Very dynamic and that grove totally rocks. Kudos.

megaflow's picture

Much appreciated James! I was hoping the sense of movement would come across. Thanks!

somerset's picture

Marvellous dynamic pencil work, Patrick! can feel the movement in this one, beautifully skilled shading and great details!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Ken! - I love drawing tree branches and hands... don't know why I didn't think of this before...!

kenmeyerjr's picture

This is really neat, I especially like the depth of the background in the hole/jungle...great tree branches!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Laura! I don't do many finished pencil pieces, so it was nice to really give it some "polish". I cribbed that particular contrasting smooth/hatching idea from Frank Brunner, great '70s-era comics artist. His pencil work uses that effect really well (though maybe not as exaggerated a difference as this).

wolfvayne's picture

Wunnerful!! I'm a big fan of pencil, and this is a really good representation of what you can do with the medium Smile I especially like the contrast between cross-hatching and smooth unbroken gradients of tones Smile Great stuff!!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Mark! I was thinking the fins looked a little like a '40s rocket ship, so same thing... Wink Intellectual exercise: how to make a battle bikini that is every bit as useless as chain mail, but a bit more comfortable. This is my entry for the answer to that age-old question.

lockett's picture

Very dynamic piece Patrick, the trees/roots are really effective and well drawn. I love the sword too, viscious blade ( always a plus ) and the guards look like fins from a forties car! One complaint; that isn't a chain-mail bikini ( nice though ).

Art at its best.