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Added: Jun 06, 2003
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Well, the description on this assignment was basically "a big wooly mammoth, charging through forest". I added the little scene in front as scale, and also for a bit of extra drama... It's a Promo card for A Game of Thrones (the Wildling set).
** Prints of this and most of my other pictures are available! $10.00 for an 8-1/2" x 11", or $20 for 11" x 14", plus shipping. Contact me here: patrick @ megaflowgraphics.com **

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megaflow's picture

I am flattered, and it's fine with me! However, Fantasy Flight games officially owns the rights to this picture. I'm sure they would never find out though, and even if they did - what would they do? So, that's the situation. Do with it what you will. Smile

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I am also an artist and I know you art is not to be used without permission. I am building a big Chevy 4x4 and am looking for cool Mammoth pics as I will call the truck "Mammoth" I hope you will be flattered but if not thats ok, I understand...Good Work

megaflow's picture

Thanks! Actually it's from a fantasy world where the Mammoths still live in the northern wilds. Glad you liked it!

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Its a great image, but im afraid its historicly incorrect. Mammoths and mastadons went exticnt roughly 10,000 years ago. the bow and arrow in the hunters hand came along roughly 3000 years ago, thats giving it some years as well, its still good though

megaflow's picture

Hi, Dawn! The name of the CCG card is actually "Mammoth", but I didn't think that was an interesting enough name... So, since this scene takes place just a little after dawn, I thought that would be a good name. To me, the title means "bad things can happen even on a bright and sunny morning, so watch out!"

Guest's picture

Ok, no denying that this is fantastic! But as my name is Dawn, I just wonder what inspired the naming of this artwork? Wink
Definitely tempted to get a print, stick it around my desk and let everyone know that this is my alter-ego if they think about getting on my bad side!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Kirsi, for the very high praise - I try my best! I've enjoyed your work so far, too, and look forward to seeing more.

kizalon's picture

I've looked all your works here and I can't say which is best, they are all so full of action and power and made so professionally! Simply, you are amazing:)

megaflow's picture

Awww... you'll make me blush. Thanks, Mark! (I wanted that eye, by the way, to be the focal point of the picture, so if you take a look you can see that everything else is created in expanding circles around it! the falling trees, tusks, shoreline, etc. all circle around the eye.)

lockett's picture

Ha! This is a belter! I love the look in that mammoths eye, your rendering skills are just phenomenal. Excellent work mate.

megaflow's picture

You're too kind, John! I'm looking back at all the great artists like yourself whom I like so much leaving notes, and I'm very touched by all the nice sentiment. Thanks everyone!

megaflow's picture

Will do! I thought it was really neat how all the yellows I used in the background made the blues of the shadows seem that much colder. Glad you thought so to!

megaflow's picture

That's so cool! Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence, Andreas.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, James. I'm very happy you liked it!

megaflow's picture

I had fun with the fur (went back and forth between Photoshop and Painter a few times for the layered effect). Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Thanks for noticing so much, Sean! This was a very quick-turnaround job so the composition was quite instinctive... glad it turned out well.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Narges! Great wishes to you too.

jeshannon's picture

Beautiful work Patrick, love the painted look about it and the mammoth is just superb

jmrart's picture

Great job Patrick! A really wonderfully animated piece- and so painterly. It really feels cold too. Keep 'em comin'!

urizen's picture

This is awesome Patrick, great colours, Atmos', everything, this is now my favourite pic from your gallery :>)

somerset's picture

Great image, Patrick! the way you've rendered the fur on the mammoth, giving it the look of movement and speed, awesome!

smbcabjnp's picture

This is really a great picture! I love the fur! Awesome job Patrick!

pageaxe's picture

Got the Frazetta thing going on here Patrick,the mammoth is great!The snow looks great too with the subtle shadowing you used,but I think the depth you have here is the best part,that waterline you have running up the left side really pushes the inlet and figures up front.Congrats and great work Patrick.

your-welcome's picture

Patrick,That's very good picture,with the best wishes for you.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Christine!

megaflow's picture

It's always a surprise, and of course an honor, to get a Pick. But every piece I do these days, I think "is this good enough?" - I think the added incentive helps keep me working just a bit harder. Thnaks for the nice words, too, Bill - glad you liked it!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Marley! It's the details that make it fun, for me.. I'm so happy it has the "non-digital" feel, too.

chrissyk's picture

There is so much depth and I love the angle and I love Mammoths! Awesome!

bcorbett67's picture

Congrats on the Editor's pick Patrick, well deserved. There's so much to comment on I don't know where to start! I love the depth and scale of the whole thing and the overall composition is just great!

thrax-1's picture

dang these past couple of days have been great for awesome art and "Eds picks" a whole plethora of them.Naturally all deserving.Especially this piece,it just looks so non digital,i really like the reflection in the water to the left of the trunk.Just an awesome painting patrick,and congratz on editors pick too.

Art at its best.