Wrath by megaflow


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Added: Jun 24, 2003
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Got an emergency assignment last night, finished up this morning. Whew!

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Kyle! Glad you like it.

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this picture is awsome! it really speaks to me keep up the good work

megaflow's picture

Thanks Steve! This is one of those really quick ones that comes out OK just through sheer underthinking, I think... If I'd have thought it through it probably wouldn't have had the energy.

sferris's picture

I just noticed this piece Patrick. Great job!

megaflow's picture

Many thanks, Erika!

erikathorpe's picture

Great POV and wonderful light effects.

megaflow's picture

Really!!! Actually, I had no idea or concept when I started at about 9:00 PM, and I had finished after 2:00... So that's over 5 hours of work, or half a day when you look at it like that. Heck, I'm still trying for more speed (looking with awe at Targete's latest PhotoShop pieces done in about 1 hour!). Thanks, Nell!

elven-nell's picture

You lie!!! It must have taken longer!!!! Damn, that's good!

megaflow's picture

Thanks for the kind words, Reeve. I think a successful illustration will always leave the viewer wanting to know the whole story, so it is very gratifying that you would say so.

megaflow's picture

No, you're right... the lighting was not very well thought-out, because of the time constraint. I knew, of course, that there would be a bright light-source at the lightning impact, but otherwise I really couldn't take the time to plan it all out, so I just decided to make it very vague and multi-lighted. Sort of like when you are in a ride at Disneyland. Glad you liked it otherwise - thanks!

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I'm glad you liked it, Denny. I really enjoy doing a weird environment like this, with lots of places that you feel you could explore if you could step into the picture (maybe if armed with automatic weapons...).

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Thanks, Bill.. I'm really getting into the Frazetta-school of random mixes with the local color. It works very nice in Oils, and in digital, for the same reason - you can put down a lot of different yet related colors underneath, then as you paint over them with the main local color you pick them up to both tone down the color and add excitement (which would seem like a contradiction, but isn't!). --- And yes, I was the walking dead today. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time", as the song said.

jaguarx's picture

I like the background and atmosphere. This picture sparks my curiousity towards the story behind it. Good work.

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you think so, Stan. I didn't really do a very complicated perspective grid - in fact I just drew in the downward receding lines under my sketch! "Estimated" perspective, Ungar calls it... (A good thing, when in a hurry!)

mermalior's picture

What a perspective! Cool pic! Perhaps the lightning is too complex, I'd imagine something more simple. But this is only a minor thing, the pic is good!

isenho's picture

the environment is so vast and spooky. You did a great job with such a short amount of time, truly inspiring! Pure "awesomeness" Wink

bcorbett67's picture

That's pretty good for a nights work Patrick. I really like the colors you've choosen for the center rock (with the stairs) - very Frazetta/Boris in the way you've done it. Great bit of action going on up there too! Nice use of the green in the surrounding rock, it draws you right in - LOL, I bet you were fun to be around the next morning at work!! Laughing out loud

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Patrick, great job on a very difficult perspective!

megaflow's picture

Thanks I think that greens like this are always enhanced by subtle reds and oranges woven in, as I tried to do here.

megaflow's picture

Very appreciated, Christine... Though why I challenge myself when I'm on a tight deadline, I can only chalk up to masochism!

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Thanks, Tom - boy are my eyes tired! Cool comments make it all worthwhile, though...!

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Thanks! I was indeed thinking of a big movie set sort of thing - kind of an Indiana Jones feel, really. Glad you picked up on it!

Guest's picture

Very nice, and your green color is so beautiful!M.Smile

chrissyk's picture

Wow this is so cool! I love how you continue to challenge yourself with such complicated angles and concepts, and do it so well Smile I admire that.

portalrun's picture

I agree , very dynamic(action & perspective), and done in a clinch(overnight), very impressive Patrick...

thrax-1's picture

That is a dynamic image Patrick.I really appreciate the perspective of this battle.great sense of openess in your cavern.It has a movie/theatrical ambience about it.lovely greens patrick Smile

Art at its best.