Negotiations by megaflow


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Added: Jul 05, 2003
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Does every confrontation really need to end in violence? Well, probably, yes. But it never hurts to try an alternative...

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megaflow's picture

Thanks! I think this little detour into values is really going to help my color work - I have always kept an eye out for strong light/dark design, but I'm doing so even more now. And it never hurts to have a "refresher course" now and then!

yrindale's picture

You're getting the hang of the value work very fast man, good job.

megaflow's picture

Thanks and thanks! I'm re-learning the wonders of value by doing so many black & white pieces lately, and getting new ideas in that area. Oh - and your nice note made me realize I hadn't been to your cool gallery for a while - great stuff abounds!

jmrart's picture

A very good narative piece. This does a great job of telling the story- and the humor is delicious. I really like the way you handle black and white. You've always had a good sense of value and it really shows here. Great piece man!

megaflow's picture

Wow, that's quite a compliment. (Don't know if I'm _quite_ up to Shadowrun quality yet!). Thanks much!

Guest's picture

Hehe, that big critter on the right looks like he's trying to decide if the negotiator would taste better with basil or garlic Smile. Very interesting piece, it reminds me of the better Shadowrun illustrations.

megaflow's picture

Great to hear, Stan! I'm feeling warmed by all the great response. I'm excited!

megaflow's picture

That means a lot to me, Rafal - Thanks!!

megaflow's picture

Very nice of you to comment, Christine. I'm feeling good about this direction, and input like yours encourages me no end!

megaflow's picture

Thanks so much, Patrick. The hard part (which I'm working on learning) is knowing how much to take out without leaving out too much. I'm trying to lose more and more, and leave as much to the imagination as I can... still too timid, I think, but taking baby steps.

megaflow's picture

That's a very cool description of it, Leo. Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment!

megaflow's picture

You are right Kay - the expressions were the funnest! I'm sure anything you do will be great, so I'm glad to have inspired.

swisnie's picture

The lighting makes the picture. I think this new style is in the right direction.

mcf's picture

gogeous light, and such vivid expresions.. the characters are full of life here! I like this new style too Smile

chrissyk's picture

Wow Patrick they just keep getting better and better, I really love this unique style that you seem to be perfecting and the characters are great! Smile

kss's picture

nice illus patrick:) i can clearly imagine the sketch behind it (following the outlines)

leowinstead's picture

The reflected light on the big bruiser is really nice. The way the lines fade in and out creates an extra layer of atmosphere, as if we're peering into a crystal ball. Nice work.

Guest's picture

Oh man glad I didn't miss this one...I love the light play. You have inspired me to try something like that in color Patrick. You worked it. Smile
Great you did have fun with those expressions.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Manon. I took photos of a friend's face as reference for the two tall guys on each side, so I'd be sure to get all the little wrinkles and stuff you have on your face when you're angry. That was fun.

megaflow's picture

Thanks so much, Marley! I was playing with interesting lighting in this one - See my response to Jeffery for some more about the little game I played with the light sources.

megaflow's picture

Thanks for the comments! You're right, I put her hand on the dagger as a sort of "back up" to the conversation. -- I was wondering if anyone would notice the lighting, and I wasn't sure if it would work - basically SHE is the light-source, on the other figures and the ground. (her light-source is a soft spot just above her face). That was just an experiment in "effect" lighting, so I knew that it might or might not work (or confuse people).

jcmao's picture

I like this a lot- you did a good job of capturing the tension in the scene and the lady seems in the midst of trying to explain (maybe with a little bit of, "I've already said this to you") a nice resolution. ("But my hand is on my sword, which is nice and ready to make clear some of the finer points if you don't *want* to understand...") Only little quibble I have is that aside from the lady, there's a little bit of a campfire lighting going in- you could very easily toss in a fire on the ground above your sig and stick trees in the back and it would work for the 3 figs in the back mostly- so there's a little bit of lighting inconsistency to my eye. But that's just a quibble, and I'm suitably in awe. Great work. Keep it up!

Guest's picture

I like the long hair, of the 'woman', the 'monster', is very expressif, with his face, and the man too!Manon:-)

thrax-1's picture

wow,this is stunning.i love how your characters Glow!!.I really appreciate your style here.reminds me of the unique chess game on "star wars" u know with r2 vs Chewy?.hehe.bloody nice

Art at its best.