Mountain Ambush by megaflow

Mountain Ambush

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Added: Sep 13, 2003
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From A Game of Thrones...It's the moment before the action starts.

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megaflow's picture

Gee Kay, I don't know about perfection, but I'm awfully glad you liked it! The misty effect was fun... I started with just colors brighter/darker in the places I needed them, then "pulled" the rocks out of that background. This made the effect work pretty much automatically - once I figured it out!

Guest's picture

Oh wow...this is great. I love how you did the fading...such a great myst. I can't seem to get the hang of that. I am floored so many characters and a horse and they are all perfection.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Patrick - I feel like I've added a lot to my "arsenal" the last few months... I'm starting to broaden my possibilities somewhat. Thanks for the support!

pakage's picture

I'm really staring to see your b&w experiment with technique really come through on this one. It's especially evident in the shadow area of the front attacker's armor. Lookin' good man! Can't wait to get the cards of these.

megaflow's picture

I appreciate the feedback James! One thing I love about illustration as opposed to "fine art" is that you can get away with telling a dramatic story without having to aplogize.

megaflow's picture

That's very cool, Ken - thanks!!

somerset's picture

Great composition, Patrick! nice depth and the drama in this one, the characters are so well handled! marvellous!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Great composition, and those receding figures and the lighting really help it sing...great job!

megaflow's picture

Yeah, he's goin' yard, alright... that's exactly the move I had in mind, too! Wink Yuck. Thanks, Sean.

megaflow's picture

Very nice of you to say, Christine -- That's exactly the feeling I was hoping for! (Aren't I mean?)

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Robert! (In the little story in my head, they take out the knight, who is a jerk anyway, and ask the downtrodden squire to join them... but I like a happy ending...)

megaflow's picture

Evoking Frazetta is always great, Chris - thanks! (I tried to make everyone more-or-less off balance to heighten the anticipation, and that's a pretty "Frazetta" thing, I think... Also the "baseball" guy's legs on the right have that Frazetta anatomy, esp. the knees!)

megaflow's picture

I have been sort of starting each AGOT picture with the idea of doing a different "color flavor" than the previous - and with 15 total, that's a lot of choices! So I wanted a dusty, yellow/brown feel for this one. As with many of my pictures both digital and painted I began with a simple wash of color for cohesion, and painted on top of that. Glad you liked it!

pageaxe's picture

Nice lighting again Patrick!Nice rough texture on the rocks too!I think Sammy Sosa there is getting ready to go yard with that horses head:)

megaflow's picture

You are very kind Marley... Thanks! How long? This one took longer than most of the GOT series, because of the extra characters. Let's see... about 1/2 hour for the sketch, first. After approval, about 1/2 hour to find good reference of the horse,15 minutes to shoot a picture of a friend as a model for the guy on the left, and another 1/2 hour for the final sketch. Then about 15 minutes for scanning, cleaning, and making some adjustments in PhotoShop. That got me to the rendering stage. I started rendering at 8:00 PM and finished around 1:30 AM. So that's almost 8 hours total - not exactly cost effective. I really got slowed down by the areal perspective - getting the receding colors to look just right was very important. And also, each figure I render (5 in this case, including the horse) takes a while.

chrissyk's picture

The perspective is so impressive in this one! The only thing that upsets me is I can't see what happens once they turn the corner, haha

elneskog's picture

wow..this painting really has the "moment"! I feel sorry for the dude with the backpack and the staff, he is dead man =)

yrindale's picture

Mmmmm anticipation, you capture the emotion well here. I like the natural tones in this, my first impression is some Frazetta influence, but I've been looking at a lot of his work lately for inspiration and am biased hehehe. Damn I still need to work on rocks...anyway I digress, fine work, thumbs up, I'm gonna go sleep now.

bcorbett67's picture

I agree with Marley, you've done a great job with this one Patrick - I like the pallette you've used especially.

thrax-1's picture

That is great work patrick,awesome perspective and anatomy for both the two and four legged kind.awesome work mate.How long did it take for this one??.

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