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Added: Sep 15, 2003
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This piece (from A Game of Thrones) is a bit of a departure for me, both in the use of color and in the technique. I did a "blind" background, where I didn't have my sketch for reference, just splashed color on in a pleasant pattern. Then I put values on top of whatever random colors happened to be there. Hope you enjoy it!

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Oh no!!! Well, I can claim ignorance - I was counting on the instructions from my Art Director on this... He hasn't asked for a correction - maybe it's going to print so small it won't be noticed. Sad

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Sorry for what about to do, but Dothraki(I'm assuming that's who they are) are renown for riding horses bare back. Just a bit of info from a GoT freak Smile

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Thanks Mario - The hardest part is knowing when to stop (and making yourself do it!). -- (Say, when are we going to see more art in your gallery...? I like what's there so far.)

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This painting looks great without any more detailing.

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Therese, I love the way you paint animals of all kinds. Thanks for the wonderful compliment!

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Truly marvelous. Smile As a horse trainer and one who knows what a horse really looks like, I can tell you did a great job on it.

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Wow, thanks, Patrick. I don't know if I'd have the nerve to compare myself to any of them... Not that I'm complaining Wink As I've said, I'm trying to force myself into more "looseness" now. I've spent years envying artists who have a more wild, free style, so now I'm starting to do something about it. Baby steps...

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Ken, thanks. I think that is the difficult thing for an artist - to stop fiddling with an area and go on! It's like a loose tooth, you keep wanting to go over it with your tounge until it falls out... Thanks for your insightful comments!

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What can I say but "thanks"? So nice of you to comment!

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The hits just keep on coming! I can tell you're really starting to loosen up and try some stuff now! The whole color/shadow thing is really working and I can't help but compare it to painters like Frazetta, Boris, Kelly and Keegan. There's a certain "watercolory" element to it I had always associated with their work, using a wash of color. Brilliant!

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I gotta echo Stan...the thing I like most about this recent stuff is the ability to stop rendering (in those shadow areas) and just let the color do the work. I also love the bold use of red and yellow in this one.

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Beautiful piece...wonderful color usage...I love it.

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Hey, Leo - I'm glad you like it. It's always difficult for me to be this bold... I feel like I have to fight my "safer" instincts. But it's fun when it works, and makes me feel like I've gotten an artistic workout.

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Thanks, stan, I think you are right! It always pays to strike out in new directions, because whatever you find there can be used in many areas (as you have found I'm sure with your many stylistic explorations).

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Glad as always to hear from you, Marley... I took a second look at the horse, and you know when I drew it I including the distinctive curve where the underside of the head meets the neck. But when I painted in the reigns, that obscured that curve. So I wonder if this (combined with where the bridle is) accentuated the triangle shape too much? -- Always watch for unexpected tangents!! I say that all the time, you'd think I would listen to myself Wink

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That's for sure, Bill -- experimentation > confidence > more experimentation... It's a good cycle to be in! Thanks for the uplifting comments.

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That's absolutely why I picked those colors, James - thanks for noticing! I'm happy it seems to have worked.

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Glad you like the colors, Chris - as I say something of a departure for me. I think the most interesting thing about that neck area (and his arm, too) is how I stayed closest to my original idea there, of not changing the underlying colors and just adding dark or highlight. That might explain the "grabbing"!

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Thanks for stopping by, Kay. You're very nice to lavish such praise... We all learn from each other, don't we - the wonders of Epilogue!

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Top notch stuff, Patrick. You are not afraid to use color in bold and new ways. The background adds great momentum to the flow of the piece.

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Patrick, I like the way you successfully used the single value/hue in the shadow areas. I believe your earlier B&W experiments are paying dividends!

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Very nice,great to see your colour pieces,what a style you have ^^.Do you think that the horse looks slightly triangular at the neck??,but realising that this piece is done quickly,it certainly is of a high standard!!Smile

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You seem to get more dynamic with each new picture Patrick! There's a great feeling of movement here, and I notice that you've been varying your poses around a lot more as well. I guess this is what comes with a lot of confidence in your ability Smile

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Excellent dramatic imagery, Patrick! the downward charge is quite effective, and the colours just add to the feeling of rage!

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Now that's a group of pretty colors! I adore your palette choice here, and then your ability to render is still top notch. I believe my favorite little spot is the detail on that middle man's neck...I don't know why, it just grabs me.

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Oh I love the colors Patrick. LOL..your right... Game of Thrones day.
Darn I love your new style. I was developing one very similiar I thought it would work great for cards...But ya beat me too it. Oh well you do it better anyway....I love your dynamics too. I can learn so much from on to see the rest of your new stuff. I have been out of pocket for awhile. Thanks for commenting on my work.

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