Hastur - The King in Yellow by megaflow

Hastur - The King in Yellow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 18, 2004
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Here we have Haster, from the Call of Cthulhu game (and the Lovecraft mythos, of course). This is the cover for the Unspeakable Tales booster box, so you should be seeing it in fine gaming stores near you right about now. (There was another version of the UT box floating around on the internet, but it's the pre-production mockup. THIS is the real thing!) This is also the Hastur card in the Unspeakable Tales set.

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megaflow's picture

Work that arse -- Work It!! I always love seeing new stuff from you, so if this helps I'll consider it a job well done... Smile

urizen's picture

Awesome work, I love it when you do crazy sci-fi-ish stuff, looking at this makes me want to get off my lazy arse and go draw something Smile

megaflow's picture

Thank you Jennifer! On pictures where one predominant color is already picked out for me, I'll often do a very "formal" color scheme like this one, which is essentially a spit-compliment (the blue/purple creature, and some red/purple for the rock accents). Gives me one less thing to worry about, at least!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Simon! Glad you like that contrast. Don't worry about Hastur, though... He sees all!

jlwilliamson's picture

Hehe! I love this guy. Really love the rotten yet still vaguely priestly feel of the robes. Great and utterly appropriate use of color (I know, I know...yellow was already picked out for you, but still...you made it work.) Gorgeous!

Guest's picture

Cool image with even cooler colour contrast - really nice. Hastur should be careful, up there on that rock with a rag over his head, his mother wouldn't approve.

Art at its best.