Sacrifice by virage


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Added: Mar 21, 2004
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Pantone Tria Markers and a bit of Watercolors...

First kind of 'dynamic' picture I've done in a while...normally my people are very 'posed' but I tried to add a bit of...something to this. I think it worked out ok ^_^;


Story is thus: Zephyr rules one of the cities of Ulandras and all his people, who are uber faithful to him because he is uber faithful to them, all go running out to him while he is coming back through one of the 'Life Holes' intentionally so that they die by means of ebil rock heads that kill all of non-Kylarian (the world above ground, Ulandras is the world below ground) blood ::cackles:: So people are like...mummified alive and DIE and their souls are the moths flying around him, and their souls all form together and like...invade his body and he goes insane and turns into uber powerful god XD The first GOD to actually exist in this world, go Zephyr insanity.

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Pantone (the name of the maker) Tria Markers are similar to the more 'widely' I guess you could call it known Prismacolor markers ^_^ They're artist markers that have three different sized nibs and are able to be blended and such, really very cool (and expensive @_@) Here's the maker's website: but you can get them at many art stores for cheaper (I have a

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Fabulous imagery! What exactly are Pantone markers??

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This picture is excellent! I love the concept too of people crawling all over him like crazy groupies

Art at its best.