On the Edge by baylessiii

On the Edge

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Added: Mar 25, 2002
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The crashing steel is still ringing in my ears! This one is for anyone who likes living at full tilt, because it's all about keeping the fire! Hope you enjoy it...

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They are men/demon and strong

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Well this is just great! I'm a big fan of Frazetta, particularly his Conan type characters and Death Dealer, and I feel this captures some of the feeling of the early Conan book covers - some stillness, some dynamic movement, twisted body poses... Great stuff, keep it up!

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woa there, this is too good. I LOVE your style. very Frazetta with a flare of your own style. awsome. your signature looks similar to Frazetta's. awsome!

i bow to you and your skills.

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This is my favorite here ... try shifting the eyes from left to right (quickly) and only looking at the head you can see the head actually turning ... your art is talking, it's alive!

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A thousand thanks, Alberto! Very nice of you to say!

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Awesome work in everyone of them.

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Thanks, Chris. Yep, he's up there on my list of admired artist for sure. Actually though, the influence for my style is a man named David Leffel.

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aggressive and beautiful at the same time. frazetta must have really influenced you. am i big fan too.

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Alright, Ken! Thank you, and I'm on my way to see your new stuff!

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I don't understand how you can get so much action in your pics...???? And the expression in all faces...* the brain makes a loop* you amaze me. You and I have very different style. You have this blurry expressional style that I would like to master. To be totally honest. I really envy you, you are a REAL artist. By the way. Thanx for the comments, they are very appreciated. (You wanted a new pic from me? After have been denied 5 times I finally got one approved now).

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Hey, Salvador! Thank you!!! Yeah, he's a tough lookin' hombre.

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My bets are on the guy by the edge, he just looks like a no holds barred bad a$s! Reminds me of some dreams I've had (colors and evrything!). Good job Walt, and I enjoyed it very much too!

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Much appreciated, Steve!

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You've got some good movement going on here. Nice!

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Asking if you were psychic meant only that you got one of the songs I was listening to Exactly Right! I thought it was amazing that you called it perfectly. The people here at the print shop were baffled and so was I. I love Guns and Roses, we all do! Besides, I wouldn't bother insulting anyone; this world is tough enough without negative comments. I'm here to do my part to make people smile and paint my butt off. So please, keep that grin!

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Thank you, Socar! Those old mags still color my dreams, and my canvases. In a way, I suppose I'm reliving a very special time-and, well hell, it's what I was made to do.

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Thanks, Mark! I appreciate very much your visit and sharp eye!

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Wow, I can really feel the motion in this one--I love the colours you've used, as well. Fantastic stuff--looks like a pulp magazine cover. (That's a compliment!)

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Beautiul piece Walt, very dynamic. The sense of action here is great, you handling of movement, motion blur and depth is very impressive, not tomention excellent colour and body-language. Top job mate!

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Oh Walt...this is such a great piece! What wonderful movement and power to it. Great colors and I think you have got the look of oils down too....Oh thanks for the great comment in my gallery on my latest...(the darn message reply thingy is not loading for me)...but it brought me to see if you had anything new and you do...now to go see the rest...Smile

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Thank you, Jean-Pierre! I've finally learned how to get the digital medium to behave like my oils. Feels like coming home.

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I love the movement and the boldness of this piece..my new fav of yours.

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Hey, thanks, Sooj! That painting really helped me blow off some steam. But, damn, I still feel some comin' up! Wink

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LOL! I can't believe it! That was really one of the songs I kept in my CD player! That eighties music really helped inspire me to keep drawing in Driver's Ed! Are you psychic? Smile

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Thank you, Patrick! You sure have an eye for the unsaid. Very sharp. All of things you mentioned are the only things one thinks about when painting--edges, balace, warm vs. cool, etc.--and then you look up... and there's that thing I saw in my head.

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Thanks, Szalai. There's a lot of different influences boiling in my soup, and a lot more years to make them cooperate.

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funky movement and color!!! fantastic piece of art i must say!

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Oh, great stuff! The colors, composition and figure work are so well done. Beginning artists who look at this would do well to study the "lost" and "found" lines you've done here - the placement of both hard and soft edges around the objects. You've really got that nailed!

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great dynamic picture, very interesting style Smile

Art at its best.