Wallwalker by baylessiii


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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 13, 2002
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Really a celebration of movement and texture, all wrapped up in a room full of wiseguys and a supernatural vigilante.

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baylessiii's picture

Thank you very much, Simon. I'm just getting settled and back to Epilogue and it was great to see your message. Much appreciated!

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Yes, a remarkable piece. It's one of my top 10 all-time favourties.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Christine!! Thanks! Soo good to hear from the frog herself! Hope you dig that print! See you soon Smile.

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Hey Walt, its Christine (its the frog,,see !!) Anyhow, you know I love this one, I had to get a print. It is completely different than your other work, but just as amazing. Talk to you soon.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Jean-Pierre! Great to see you! Thanks a million! Love it when you drop in!

vengince's picture

this piece is freakin off the wall (no pun intended) Walt this damn cool man.

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I adore it!

baylessiii's picture

Hi, Mark! Thanks, buddy! Yeah that was a real ginsing moment! Wink

lockett's picture

Ha! Great piece Walt, I'm with socar on this. It has John Woo written all over it (a good thing). Again, the feeling of movement is dizzying. Great fun and great art.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, thanks, Lola! And that's a very enticing prophecy... I hope you're right!

baylessiii's picture

Patrick, thank you sooo much! I have for so long wanted to bring viewers into a scene by way of the universal impressionist vision. I really believe that human memories are more valuable as paintings than a sterile photograph, and I really appreciate you noticing!

megaflow's picture

No that's ACTION - I feel like I'm watching a movie. I'm continually impressed by how you show so much by implication.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Eric, thank you very much. I'll have to check out that book too.

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Thanks, Socar. It was a fun pic to do.

lofgren3's picture

I'm reminded of Phil Hale's work for King's Dark Tower series. I think it may have been "Drawing of the Three", where Roland takes on a group of wiseguys in our reality. This piece has the same frantic pace. This pic is almost dizzy in it's action. Well done, I say.

socar's picture

Ha, ha--looks like something out of one of those nutso action movies (which I secretly adore, by the way!) It really succeeds as a celebration of movement and texture--I love the guy shooting a gun and talking on a cell phone at the same time. Excellent touch.

Art at its best.