The Desert Wars by humorix

The Desert Wars

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Added: Mar 07, 2002
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This image brought together three great passions of mine. Dinosaurs, war machines and Star wars (more for inspration). The scene is based on a Saharan desert battle scene, as might have taken place during the WWII. The SAS raiders, riding a recce/scout vehicle (based on an Oviraptor) chance upon an Afrika Korp patrol (based on T-rex) and the ensuing skirmish that follows. This image is neither of the past nor sure, simple set in a galaxy far-far away (where wheels were not invented! Wink).

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humorix's picture

Hi! Well the Tibeteans didn't have wheels in their country until very recently, believing that their country would be under dominance once wheels entered their lands.

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It's kind of hard to imagine a civilization that advanced but hasn't thought of the wheel. But then neither had the Incas I think, and they're pretty advanced in many aspects. Great designs! I particularly like the cockpits.

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Remember the Dinbots from Transformers?

legion's picture

great digital work Avi, i love the miniguns mounted all over the T-rex bodies, I would have liked to see more detail in the sky

humorix's picture

Hi! Thanx for dropping buy! LOve putting in the details and working out a raison-de-etre for each element of the picture (the why-what-how-wheres?). Just gives me a kick I guess! But its a killer modelling it all, especially in Bryce! Will possibly attain Nirvana this way (and waiting for the whole thing to render!)

sferris's picture

Great digital work Avi. So much detail it's scary!

Art at its best.