Desert War II by humorix

Desert War II

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Added: Mar 07, 2002
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A close up of the desert war! This scene depicts a Rextor M1 (A mobile fighting unit based on T-rex design) being attacked by two Dactyls. The Rextors generally hunt as a pair in a hunter-killer mode, as it's rare to find one single Rextor. But with its pair destroyed in a recent skirmish with Ovitors, it was on its way back to base, when it was spotted upon by the Dactyls. The Dactyls primary function is scouting, recce and target spotting (the potential of a flying weapon platform is yet to be arrived upon). Primarily armed with two medium cannons and two kinetic munitions rocket pods, mostly for defensive purpose, the dactyls have little chance of breaching the Rextor’s armour. The only hope would be to hit the Rextor's fuselage (its tail) which has lighter armour and moreover the fuel in itself being explosive.
Over here we see one of the Dactyl pilots in a near kamikaze style swoop close to the Rextor. This has a two fold purpose. Primarily to distract the Rextor enough for its wingman to line up and hit the tail unit. Secondly to induce the Rextor to fire the heat seeking munition from its mouth firing port. Firing onto the armour plates of the Rextor and onto its exhaust, the Dactyl might generate heat enough to distract the missile into hitting the Rextor itself. This manoeuvre however calls for a nifty bit of flying for not only will it have to fly through the gaps between the deadly killing zones of the Rextor's gun but also avoid the oncoming salvo of rockets fired by his wingman!
Completely modelled and rendered in Bryce, this was in response to comments whereby people wanted to see close ups of the T-rex machine from my previous “Desert War” illustrations.

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dakka's picture

Love the interpretation from fleshed-to-mechanical dinos! Great job!

Art at its best.