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So Humble

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Added: Mar 09, 2002
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This is a portrait of my best friend - the most gentle, humble and kind person I ever met. I know I know - angels are cliché, but I just had to give her wings to show how much she means to me. Smile

The original is about 3000x3000 pixels and 300dpi, and a small version like this sadly loses some of the rougher brushstrokes and makes it look too smooth. I spend too much time perfecting, and am working on being less dainty and perfectionist! Smile To answer the questions, yes there was photo reference use, one of my own photos of her, but it is not a manipulated photo, I traced her profile off in a quick sketch, so that it would be anatomically correct - as it is a gift for her and her mother, I wanted it to be just right this time. Smile

added: I showed a poor home-print of it to her the other day, and she started crying with happiness! we're planning to get it printed out large professionally so she can frame it. Ah, I'm so happy she liked it!!

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thrax-1's picture

wow this looks so real,absolutely incredible painting,the hair is really stunning.comments a little late, i know,but this is amazing.this person is beautifull,cant beat a gift like this.straight from the heart.

Guest's picture

I love your works and this one means a lot for me and my friends.

M. Schmidt

Guest's picture

Okay, this has to be the most incredible thing I've seen in a long time. I got a big show coming up for which I need a new piece, and I'm gonna try to do something along these lines -- a simple yet powerful portrait, probably done in pastels. (Digital work is not yet readily accepted at this show) Very inspiring! Thanks for leaving a comment at my place.

lunargirl's picture

Thank you very much, Norma! Mmmmm - cake Wink

lunargirl's picture

Greetings Deborah! Thank you - I work slowly but I am trying to do new things all the time. The problem is that I want to do things that I can showcase here, but most my things are in other genres Smile

lunargirl's picture

Mary Jane, thanks for your words - what you say is true indeed, friends are precious. I don't think I'm -that- good an artist yet though, I'm learning new things every day and I feel that if I can get something that on "paper", then I'm just lucky to have captured it the way I feel right then. Smile

lunargirl's picture

Hey there Maria! Thanks for the sweet comment Wink

deborahdixon's picture

Exquisite work. The detail in the hair and wings are amazing. The light is wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

peters's picture

Absolutely exquisite, Lina. The emotion you've portrayed is overwhelming. The rays of light streaming down on her are the icing on a very beautiful cake. I'd love to see more of your work.

Guest's picture

Hey it's lunargirl!
this is so beautiful. I really thought this was a photomanip.. But then I saw the wings. Gorgeous!

Guest's picture

Linda... breathtaking.
anytime you can put onto paper someone who means anything to you, those feelings are going to be evident in your work. Some know how to capture it better than others and it is obvious you are a master at what you do. From one "artist" to a true one, keep going and never give up, because you have a fanominal talent. --true Friends are forever; keep the ones you have--

svg's picture

It's really beautiful.. peaceful and quiet.. the lightning is gorgeous, I can't wait to see more of your stuff Smile

lunargirl's picture

Thanks Christos! I *love* your carrot angel! You have such a fabulous style, your latest piece with the diabetes hand is out of this world. Thank you very much for your kind comment! Smile

lunargirl's picture

Thanks Scott! I really adore your works too! Smile

lunargirl's picture

Aaron, I don't think anything bites on people like that Smile I don't take such nonsensial ramblings personally.

lunargirl's picture

wow. this was... odd Laughing out loud

lunargirl's picture

Hi Sean! Yeah, the picture looks very smooth when it's in such a reduced size - in the real resolution it doesn't look like a photo at all, but I don't know which is better Wink Thanks for your comments!

lunargirl's picture

Thanks, Dan! I've never tried oils - I don't think I have the patience for it Wink

lunargirl's picture

Thank you, Sergey! Smile

blobsticks's picture

Just stunning, hell I'm lost for words here.... Laughing out loud

neofotistos's picture

your angel is the least cliche I've seen, apart from my own carrot angel. and about six thousand times better executed

ciel's picture

It took me a while to realize that this was truly a painting and not a photograph. Magnificant to say the least. I think the hair is my favourite part of the piece... that hair, gorgeously done 0_0

wolverat's picture

Fabulous work, Lina. It looks so much like an oil paiting! Totally amazing.

sh-serg's picture

I can't found words to express my admiration, I only want to say : GOOD drawing!!!!!!!!

lunargirl's picture

That's very true, Walt! One may have many skills, but if there's no passion it will become flat. Judging from your gallery, you certaily know of passion! I'm humbled by your work. Thank you for the sweet comment Smile

lunargirl's picture

oh! *blush* Chris, that was some very sweet words - surely I don't deserve such high praise! But thank you very much, and many curtsies to you. Tack så mycket! Wink

baylessiii's picture

Very beautiful! Very honest and heart felt! You can't go wrong with that.

Guest's picture

Really really beutiful! Best i have seen for a very long time. The feelin gi get when i look at the picture i warm and i like it. thanx

Guest's picture

Really really beutiful! Best i have seen for a very long time. The feelin gi get when i look at the picture i warm and i like it. thanx

chrisxavier's picture

I am stunned in more than one way, cause even if I could force my tongue to move (hands to touch the keyboard) I couldn´t find anything to say that would do justice to this piece. A picture says more than a thousand words but this piece is like a bible. I will just sit here for a while and rest my eyes in this amazing piece of art.

Art at its best.