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Added: May 19, 2002
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Thanks Peter!

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Very nice! Good colors and figure!

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Thanks for the comment! I wouldn't say I set out to compete with Brom and I certainly dont have a tenth of his ability, so comparisons don't really interest me all that much - I'm deeply flattered, but I tend to think it's hard to compare apples with apples when looking at artwork. I'm sure what we see of Brom's work is very much defined by what he is asked to produce for publishers.

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As far as evoking an emotion, Broms pieces fall short of this one. Brom is formulaic and repetitive, you are original. Well done.

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Thanks! I'll do my best.

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ahh, i love this picture. it kinda gives you a calm and yet excited feeling, like during a big thunder storm. i love the defined brush strokes. keep up da good work ^_^

jon-hodgson's picture

Hey, Sarah, glad you dropped by.

Funnily enough I was looking for something to put on my wall (I just moved house) the other day, and this was the only piece I've done in the last couple of years that I have any affection for.

So I guess it must be one of my favourites too. Smile

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It's always so nice to stumble into the gallery of someone i recognize when i am clicking on the "random image" button. I think this is still my favorite of all your stuff. Not that's it's easy to pick a favorite from all your marvelous work, but i always come back to this one. ~ Wren from RPGnet

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Awesome work! I love the style and the xpressiveness of the pose!

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hi Jon,
I went to your web site didn't find a guestbook, so I leave the message here, WWW surprise me like always , I just join in and upload one piece of my painting about 18 hrs ago,....and you turn Nottingham classmate!!....hey you should write more on your bio at your web site....(I think I have better sent you an e-mail)

however, happy to "see" you still painting....^__^

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Thanks Holger - your comment means a lot, because I really aim to do just that. There's a kind of reality in looseness that I'm always striving for. Glad it worked for you!

mangalore's picture

A really intrigueing picture. The pose is just magnificent. What I like very much about your style is how you use your loose strokes to paint something with so much detail and above all emotion.
I'd wish I'd grasp how you do that! It's amazing! Smile

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Thankyou! You're very kind.

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I wish I could think of something really wonderful and intelligent to say, but the pic has stunned my braincells for the moment. All I can think looking at this amazing piece is "whoa." Great sense of motion and energy. Great feeling. Great.

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I'm happy that you enjoyed looking Maria.

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i cant tell you how much i love this piece. Its dramatic, jaunty and full of life. I admire the loose style you use here, and i think it would not have the same impact if it were refined.

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Thanks Kyri! I should have some new stuff to submit this week, fingers crossed - It's been a while since I've put anything new up!

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You're gallery is full of excellent work. I love the looseness and raw style of this piece. Great stuff!

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awsome picture, an yeah its very raw and rough which makes it unique! and once again awsome picture

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Her for is so well can feel the energy radiating from her! This has such "atmosphere"...great work!

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Thanks Nina! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks James! This one was quite rapidly executed. I came back to refine it some more, but then decided it was much nicer in this fairly raw state. Form following function, or something like that...

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Thanks Ulrike!

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Thanks for the input Maura! I think I'll keep the framing as it is - it's quite a deliberate composition. She needs the space to yell!

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Thanks Mark. I've been experimenting with the "oil paint" in Painter!

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Thankyou, Christine!

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Lovely. Absolutely lovely. The light on her form is so well done and I adore how the sky tapers down from a warm red-orange to the brownish-greys.

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Another awesome piece, Jon. Love your graphic mark making in this one.

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The picture has so much motion and emotion in it ... and I don't think you should have cropped the background

Art at its best.