Halloween by aurore


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Added: Mar 18, 2002
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Vanille, one of a character I have created for a comic. I have doe this picture for the last Halloween Day.

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yup, everything's perfect! esp. that look on her face! love it~~~~~~~~~

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Wow, I love this picture, the colours are so.. breathe-taking, I love everything about this picture, keep up the great work!

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My favorite part of all is her hair, what a wonderful style!

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i have a soft spot for witches and this one is very well done.i love the background,the way it blends with the character. perfect 10!

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I absoluetly love your art, and i think that this picture is wonderful. However I have been using it for one of my yahoo profiles and I just found out that I am not supposed to use your picture with out your concent. I have given you all the credit for your work when some one has asked me where i got my pic. Please write to me at the email adress put in my subject and tell me weather or not i can use your picture, if not i will take it off right away.

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Magnifique ! Sublime et enchanteur. J'adore tes dessins, je les trouves tout simplement merveilleux. Aucun défaut a dire, jusque c'est merveilleur Laughing out loud

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vos dessins compte parmi les plus beaux que j'ai vu! vous avez un talent fou!!!

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i love how you draw the lace and the colours too it really blends well! Smile

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She's gorgeous for a witch....not sure I'd mind being under her spell. Nice job!

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forgive the misspellings -.- yester dat= yesterday (was distracted during that one) hollween= we all know what I mean (hollow as in hollow tree, train of thought went a little off)

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This is a nice piece of work you have here. I like it a lot. Wish I would have found it before halloween yester dat >,< would have printed it out and put it on the door. One thing that I noticed that I wasn't sure if was a flaw but the moon is in FRONT of the tree limbs and not behind them. It's possible that it was meant to be that way to express the moon more for the hollween theme better, but I just wanted to get that out ~Vash

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beautiful composition. I love her hair and the grape vines:)

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i love all your work!!! keep drawing.

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Hi Demilly!
I justa want to say: Your draw is soo beautiful, really nice colors!
Congratulations! BYE!
Visit me: www.dcchan.com

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Again a great picture. The one quibble I'd offer concerns the hand holding the candle. It looks a tad too big. The overall composition, however, is brilliant.

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I love your artworks.. they are so so... hah,I can't describe..also your mangas I love....^^

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the hair is very nice the curvey to it give a good stylistic effect good job!

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It is sooo beautiful...I must admit i am jealous of it almost. The intertwining hair adds so much elegance to it, and the leaves are gorgeous...what did you used to color this?!

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Linda imagem, meus votos sinceros de pura e exotica beleza.
Samara Assi - SP/ Brazil

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Beautiful! I like very much how you use the color! Smile

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L'image est fantastique! J'adore les coleurs! ^^

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Witch... pretty... heh. *AHEM* Yeah. I really like this pic. I like the way you used "halloween colors". Black & Orange. They're not exactly my favorite colors but what you have done here makes up for it! Like her outfit too. Really smooth & soft. and I like the way her hair appears to be dancing along with the flowers in the wind. COOL!

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Lovely colours and curls in this one =)

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Beautiful look and feel to your work! Very nice job!

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Beautifull.. her eye really stands out.

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She is so sweet! Wonderful halloween pic.

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You better have a big gallery, girl. I want to see ALL of it.

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Great! Youre a wonderful artist Aurore! ^____^

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Marvellous, dear! You did a great one on this - cheers!

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Beautiful dress. I love her expression.

Art at its best.