Mute Fury by melora

Mute Fury

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 26, 2002
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Artwork Description

A continuation of the idea I had for 'Blind Watcher'

Pencil and photoshop and some photos of a german tank

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Wow real nice. It's pure antasy by all meanings and has many contents. A young duke or an warrior elven female .. or something else. Anyway the title offers other aspects. Good work, u should keep these kind of textures, they are beautiful.

melora's picture

yeah - this, blind watcher and also deaf to the world are a sort of series. Deaf to the world doesn't fit in as well though, because its a profile view (I was sick of drawing head on..)

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I like this piece a lot, this and it's companion piece (can I call it that?)blind watcher. Both have very nice texture and a specific mood to them. Great work!

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Wow! I can only hope that I will ever get half as good as you are now... *sigh* love it!

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Does it ever end?! The amazingness, that is. Your technique is really developing into something quite unique and signature to you. I love it.

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for some reason this might just be my favorite in your gallery. The human part of the head is nicely done, the eyes almost look real and I'm always amazed my them. The german picture part was also a good idea.

melora's picture

hmm.. I just scan it in, and then set that pencil layer to mulitiply in photoshop. Then underneath I block in the colours. Then I choose textures from various places (like other paintings or photographs) on overlay them on a seperate layer. I think I use around 20 layers on something like this

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Wow, this is awesome. I'm surprised that this is a re-coloured pencil drawing, because it *looks* like a pure painting. Do you think you could describe briefly the process you use in colouring your pencil art? - because whatever you're doing, the results are incredible.

iris's picture

Like it! especially the armor looking collar...... and those textures....

fantasio's picture

yes,a great continuation...:-)the colors are brilliant chosen and the upper head looks like your style manga...a great combination of technique and genre...,i like it;-)

twstdrealty8's picture

You've really captured fury in this image

ddoved's picture

and yet again, and amazing piece by you!
keep up the stylish originality!
love the concept + the hair is superb!

melora's picture

Thanks. I enjoy painting, but I think that my manipulated work comes off much stronger. Which is nice I guess

melora's picture

it looks like a guy?! hmm... I guess.. maybe. An feminine looking guy though. Anyhoo, thanks Anouk

stevethomas's picture

Very cool. This one, Blind Watcher and The Castle are definitely my favourites of yours. This one might be on top.

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Great image.. the texture on his armor looks great.. a tank, huh? wow.. Those eyes are haunting.. and gorgious 2. And i love his hair. It all looks great'

toddm's picture

I agree with Christine- great textures. Great image.

griffingirl's picture

I dig all your watchers...lovely textures and palates. Nice little pieces!

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Eyes speaks the emotion angerness and she is looking a slayer... very nice piece of yours..

Art at its best.