Deaf to the World by melora

Deaf to the World

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 28, 2002
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The third and final image in this series.

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That is rather cool!

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An absolutely stunning piece of work Alice. Beautiful drawing, colours and wonderful use of texture.

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this is just soooo freakingly good O_O! *stares*

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This is one incredible piece of art. thumbs up to you. I absolutely love the brownish colors and thos little green bits (looks a bit like jewelry but isn't probably) and the green in her eyes. Very nice

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wow,i´m just stunning about so less comments,you deserve much more...Smile
this is so absolutely great ,i can´t type myself...this is a worthy tribute to the deaf dumb and blind thingy,i love those bold lines,and the complementary soft gradients in it as well!

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thanks novita- I removed some images because I dunno... I just thought they weren't of the same quality as some of those that I've done more recently. I'm trying to fill it out again though Wink

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i really love your see/hear/speak no evil(?) series. the textures are just wonderful and too bad some pics are gone from your gall here. i still can't believe you have that much experience at 16 years, but i'll bite my tongue, cuz even if you were like 20 years older, i still can't believe O.o

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Wonderful series. I love the style in them, and the how the colros were used. Nice.

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thanks anouk! The futuristic/ancient look was accidental, but I quite like the concept of looking at something from our future as though it is very old. Something I think I'll have to explore. Thanks again for your comments

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wow! intriuging palette and very cool proportions. I really like the way which you rendered the hair!

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Great lines and rendering.. The shades on her face i love.. just like her green eye(Drunk. She's one beautiful lady.. It kind of looks 'futuristic' but also 'ancient' at the same time.. Great eyebrow (now that sounds silly XD!) i just love how you drew her nose, lips and eye.. its the kind of thing i can look at for a very long time trying to study and remember it, Also like the confident lines.. Wow..

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I did the underdrawing in pencil, then I scanned it into photoshop to block in the colours. Then I used an acrylic painting I'd scanned in a while ago (which is why parts of it kinda look like paint) to give it more texture. So it is 'traditional' components mashed together digitally Wink

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Wonderful style ... what medium did you use?

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These are wonderful textures and muted colors. The whole picture looks like a futuristic artifact.

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I like the subdued colors --it's understated yet makes an impact.....

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I think this one is my favorite Smile
It is so callous and yet it feels warm at the same time...great job!

Art at its best.