Water Guardian by yaya-han

Water Guardian

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 01, 2002
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This piece was inked, then colored with pencils. I plan on creating a b/w version as well as a bigger, watercolored (more detailed) version of this image. I am in love with mermaids and would like to draw more in the future.

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Wow, it reminds me of something I would see from Yu Watase... Have you heard of Watase? Her mangas and art are truly incredible and amazing, doncha think?

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Anyhow I must praise you on your drawing, however about three yrs ago I came across an anime which I was about a girl who was an actress and posed as a mermaid and it looks very much similar to this and I even made a cell of it. Anyhow, it looks lovely.

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Hi Smile

I'm happy but not really surprised you're here, too ^^ Well... your pics are wonderful as usual Smile)) I think I'll check out the other pics now..
Aera >'_____'<
*wants to draw as good as Yaya does... but it's still a long way to go...*


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The softness and fluidity of this work makes her so femine and gentle, great work!!

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She's fantastic! All those fins are just so darned cute. I really like the addition of finger webbing, too. She's so fishy looking, and realistic, too!!

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The wonderful thing about mermaids is that they're mythical creatures and you can thus make them look any way you want. ^_-

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Thank you for the insightful comment, Jean-Marc. I also am in love with Waterhouse's masterpiece.
I do take your comment as a compliment, and agree that I am still searching for "my" style. It took me a long time to get to where I am at now and still my style is ever-changing. I am easily inspired but I try to keep a level of originality in every piece I create. Most of my pieces are in a fine delicate manga style (which actually is quite original for manga) and I'm exploring the realms of realism and fantasy now. I am amused about your request for something less perfect from me... I still have a long way to go but I appreciate the word's assosiation with my art. Thank you!

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I am in Love with Mermaids too, my favorite one being the one by J.W.Waterhouse, combing her hair by the seashore. You are showing great skill in what you are doing and I could not tell your art from the Masters'. But is it a compliment? I think you still have to find your own style. I really prefer something less perfect but showing some individuality...All the best!

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AHH, I really love your style!! Mermaids are interesting creatures and very beautiful and yours is just...WOW. Nice job!

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AHHHH!!! Yaya! That is so incredible! I love that picture so much! *o* ::oogles:: Your art skills are mui perfecto! XDD

Art at its best.