Sorceress by yaya-han


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 06, 2002
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This is a piece I've been working on for a while, off and on. It is the newest inking I've finished. I wish the scanning quality would have been better. This is a sister piece to a mage I drew last year. I need to scan that one soon ^^;.

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ladyeve's picture

Beautiful! Lovly technique and stunning detail! I love her bird, I want to say its a pheonix, but I may be wrong. Buddha knows i have been in the past.

Guest's picture

I love the ears!! They're pretty!! And the eyes... and the whole picture... but mostly the ears... and the bird!!

Guest's picture

This entire composition is beautiful to behold. It's so nicely done, very clean, detailed style - a lot of thought has gone into this, well done!

trevor's picture

Stunning work, so delicate, a real gem.

nightwind2's picture

I can hardly believe this is ink! The shading is terrific. Ink tends to be lots of black blobs and straight lines, but yours has this incredible texture.

marias's picture

your work is beautifully intricate and enviable, its of the best quality manga i have ever seen. be proud of yourself and your art! i know i would be if i had this talent. i will now go away and painstakingly try to create something as gorgeous as this.

kuk's picture

Yor composition is great and your lines a smooth, great pic.

Guest's picture

Beautiful drawing. The lines flow
so gracefully, and the textures are
wonderful (and wonderfully varied).
The words "ephemeral" and "crystalline"
come to mind... Her eyes, her hair,
her jewelry, her costume are all
amazing. Looking forward to seeing

Guest's picture

This an absolutely beautiful piece of work. I wanted to ask you permission to use it one my website, for an RPG I'm doing. By the way, the bird is really cool! So is all the jewelry. It looks like a really advanced form of what my mom does. She does fantasy work too.

yaya-han's picture

Argh, damn the scanner! The thumbs have gold/silver thumb-covers, they look really spiffy actually but in the scan it just looks like burned skin *cries* ;_; ;_;

Guest's picture

Yaya, i love the piece but i dont quite understand what you did with the thumbs. is that jewelry or her skin?

yaya-han's picture

Thanks a lot ^_^ - I didn't use a reference for the outfit and just made it up as I went along... I don't know what I'm drawing half of the time while I'm doing it ^^;

yaya-han's picture

Oh dear, the scan is so bad you can't tell ;_;... it's a simple magical ball of light.

yaya-han's picture

I think for this one, I spent maybe a week worth of work on... averaging 5 hours a day? I really need to time myself once, I never know how long I take...

lockett's picture

Yaya, this is beautiful. Exquisite line-work, wonderful style and detailing. Really excellent.

vera-lucia's picture

Very beautiful! Lovely details!

Guest's picture

How long does it take you to draw these things!?!? OMG!!! If I were you I'd spend more time bragging about them than I would drawing them!!

lorelei's picture

She is beautiful - I love all thhe detail you've put in. She has a very regal quality about her, did you use a reference for her costume?
I really like this piece alot, very well done. ^_^

Guest's picture

Wow, so much to look at, may I ask what that is in her hand?

Art at its best.