Currents of War by leowinstead

Currents of War

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Added: Feb 25, 2003
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Painting inspired by one of my favorite science fiction novels.

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leowinstead's picture

Thanks, J.P. I kind of had some old Frazetta compositions in mind when I sketched this one out.

vengince's picture

Leo this is so cool man it brings me back to the classic epic stories love that leaping guy. As usial your palette is great.

wolverat's picture

WOW. You've got so many elelments in this painting. Great job, Leo.

christar's picture

I'm not tryin to butter your muffin, but your my favorite Epilogue artist.
I love your colors and compositions, and the original variety of subject matter in your works. ^___^

Guest's picture

This is amazing work - there's a lot of action going on, the composition is very impressive. I've noticed some problems with anatomy here - particularly the abdominal configuration of the largest and foremost figure in the boat on the right (the rib cage appears to extend abnormally downwards and inwards and the abdominals themselves are unnaturally narrow) - the man standing next to him also has abdominal issues (he's missing some abs from the left ab column), as well as the back muscles of the man in the water. Anatomy aside, this is well done!

leowinstead's picture

No. It's definetly harder than it looks. Just keeping all the characters the same size (relatively speaking) can be a challenge.

leowinstead's picture

Thanks, Stan. The sketches for the image evolved gradually, but once I started painting, everything sort of fell in place.

leowinstead's picture

Thanks, Bill. I wanted to get a lot of motion in this pic. The wind and airborne elements help to create that dynamic feel.

storn's picture

It is nice to see someone else who is trying to do multiple figures in action. Ain't easy, is it?

swisnie's picture

Leo, great job on a very difficult composition. I always look forward to seeing your stuff, it is always unique.
You come up with the idea first and then execute it. That takes talent!

bcorbett67's picture

This pic is so dynamic, everything is happening at once. Great job - you'll have to tell me which SF novel, because it reminds me of one of David Gemmel's Druss chronicles.

Art at its best.