Chinese Dragon by djinn

Chinese Dragon

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Added: May 14, 2002
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Drew this image after long time exposure to Gustave Klimt and Katsushika Hokusai.

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trevor's picture

Nice Smile
I can imagine this painted on silk, or fine linen flapping in the wind, undulating those beautiful curves you have painted.

djinn's picture

Hi there and thank you for your lovely comment. For this one I used oil pastels (Neopastel from Caran D'Ache).

Guest's picture

im 12 years old and doing my art exam.
i love the texture you have used.
what medium did you use?
you're a great artist


Guest's picture


this painting is awsome nd i also love the colours been used!

lovee this piece ov work...

djinn's picture

I agree; it would make a nice rug. Thank you. Smile

valkery's picture

dont consider it down grade but this artwork if aplied on a perisan rug would give something outstanding..

Guest's picture

YEY!! someone finally painted a Dragon!! ITS GREAT! BIG UP THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

goldseven's picture

That's great--when I first saw the colours, I thought "Klimt!" I love the colours he uses, and you've done it marvellously. Love the dragon!

thrax-1's picture

cheer,yes this is a very klimpt piece,style wise.beautifull may-lin. Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Oh a Chinese Dragon I love them,It's beautiful May-lin:) The border looks very Klimt, I think the reason for this is because like many Art Neauvo artists he got his inspiration from the East.

djinn's picture

Hope you get round to your Chinese dragon, they are not that time consuming, as their anatomy is fairly simple.

Guest's picture

Chinese dragons kick ass! I have thought about making one myself so many times but I just never seem to get the spare time needed. Nice curves! I think this would make an excellent wallpainting. Chris Xavier

djinn's picture

That is certainly praise coming from a master artist such as you Smile

djinn's picture

Thank you. Looking forward to reading some of your work.

tashta's picture

Very pretty. I like your use of colors and the depth you've achieved in using the black background and wonderful border.

djinn's picture

Thank you.
You've got me very curious now, do I know you? Or did you guess my background from my name and personal photo? Smile

Guest's picture

interesting the idea you have. and eventually brought out hidden behind that mix oriental background you have on yourself; klimt and the dragon. explosive. bravo. great personal touch on it.

djinn's picture

I think I might be missing something here, but thank you very much. Smile

maxi-maxim's picture

A dragon rising on a dark back!Obviously,you are not only an artist,but a philosopher,too...

djinn's picture

Thanks Oliver Smile

djinn's picture

That is such a compliment coming from you! Thanks! I will try to be more productive and post more work.

fantasio's picture

for the first look it seems that the Dragon cling to the moon(the crystal¿)well,i like klimt and this combination with katsushika and your own style is an interresting succeded yield...more from it!

swisnie's picture

You have a wonderful and unique style! I would like to see more of this distinct work.

djinn's picture

Thank you, Vera Lucia Smile

vera-lucia's picture

I can see the influence of Klimt on the borders, May-Lin. The figure is very beautiful, very oriental! Not the common type of dragon one can find in fantasy art.

djinn's picture

Thanks Amy!
I am still trying to decide which other pieces to submit here. Smile

Guest's picture

Very majestic and graceful! I like the strong colors mixed with that dreamy quality. I'm looking forward to seeing your other artwork posted here.

vengince's picture

Elegant and well designed May-Lin the colors are lovely.

djinn's picture

Thanks. I actually made the border first and then had a hard time deciding what to put in it. Smile

djinn's picture

Thanks Adrian.

Art at its best.