Servants of the Flesh by banu

Servants of the Flesh

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 02, 2002
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Characters I did for Dhryl Anton. It's supposed to be six of the seven sins... Gluttony, anger, pride, envy, sloth, and greed.

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banu's picture

Lust? well...she was VERY...ehm...lusty... so they deleted her

christar's picture

Brilliant work on the characters, very original designs! Great color scheme as well.

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Where did Lust go? ^_^ Very interesting characters, as the commentor's said, but I have trouble telling which is which... Fat guy is *probably* Gluttony, Wrath the guy with the chains - right? - Sloth has the broken hourglass, Pride the mask, Greed the Wreath of Barbs, and Envy the Green Tongue... Um, is that it? The picture is good, but it seems as if the detail is very strong at the top and gradually wears down as it descends. Gluttony, Pride and Greed (or the guys I suppose are Gluttony, Pride and Greed) are very clear and realistic, but both Sloth and Envy (? anyway, the two at the bottom) are a bit blurrier, especially in their skin texture. Was that done purposefully? But anyway, very interesting depiction of the sins.

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Great characters!!!!

Art at its best.