Solitude by naddy


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Added: Mar 26, 2002
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A faun seeks rest under the autumn trees.

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Hello! You probably do not remember me, but I met you very briefly at the WB Fine Arts Fiesta. I loved all of your work and I fell especially in love with this piece. Thank you for creating it! ^_^

naddy's picture

hehe, thanks Amarilli!

naddy's picture

Thank you so much Billy. I'm glad you like it!

ama's picture

So rich and calm at the same time....
Wonderful colors !!!

veinglory's picture

This is one of the first epilogue picture I ever saw -- an still probably my favourite

naddy's picture

Why thank you Anna. I'm a huge lover of fauns too! My favorite was Mr. Tumnus from C.S. Lewis' "Narnia". I work in glazes (layers) with my watercolors & I like to get them very saturated. I also use a sepia ink in my work. I never heard of "a Faun's Afternoon", but it does sound very pleasant. I'll be sure to look that one up. Thank you once again for your kind words.

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Fauns are among those underrated mythical creatures that are rarely portrayed,inspite the fact that they're at least as interesting as-shall we say-unicorns.You did an awesome job again ! This picture has a wonderful atmosphere of it's own.How do you do this with WC ? Jaw-dropping ! BTW,were you,by any chance,listening to "A Faun's Afternoon" by Claude Debussy while painting this ?

naddy's picture

Thanks Christine! I glad you enjoy my work. Anytime your in PA, feel free to stop by the studio.

griffingirl's picture

I would love to see the originals someday....if we're passing through Penn. Just to take in all the details. I'm so pleased to see a watercolorist in the Land of Digital!

naddy's picture

Why? do you think he has something to hide?

aridante's picture

..........Heh heh. I like the strategically placed purple cloth thing. Heh heh......

naddy's picture

Thank you! John, Cynthia & Marilyn

naddy's picture

Thank you! Katy. This is pretty much what I do on my spare time, too.

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Haha, How weird! I'm reading a story with a faun in it right now. This is too lucky and great! I have a mental image to go with the story now. Thanks!
BTW, Awesome painting here! All of your work is great. I've tried painting with watercolors before, and I believe I burned the picture afterwords, it was so bad. It's just so hard! Shows that you have amazing talent to render such breath-taking pictures. Please keep it up for always!

naddy's picture

I played a lot with warm vs. cool colors in this piece. That of course helped create the depth. I've always been fond of fauns.

blueunicorn's picture

What wonderful and fantastic trees you do! I see faces in them all over. But I think it's your use of colors that have piqued my interest so much in your work.

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I'm really enjoying your artwork...the depth yo coax from watercolors is wonderful! Lovely work.

jeshannon's picture

Outstanding work James, you have such a magical way with your pictures I loved everyone.

k-t-roo's picture

that is really sweet, he looks so peaceful and relaxed. it kind of reminds me about an old book i read when i was really tiny about a giant falling asleep under a cherry blossom tree. this pic is really fantastic, the leaves are increadable as is everything, i cant see any faults. great work!

christar's picture

Wow! Beautiful work! Water color is a truly dynamic medium! The colors are so bright and the paint flows so naturally!
You've created a real sense of depth in this pic. Lots of structure and great details; not to mention, interesting and unique subject matter.

Art at its best.