Toby & Daisy by naddy

Toby & Daisy

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Added: Apr 07, 2002
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Toby & Daisy get a visit from a little friend....A portrait of two wonderful creatures. Bassett Hounds
are known not only for their laziness, but also for their
keen alertness when the scent of a doggie treat is in
the area.

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Guest's picture

This is just divine...I just smiled inside and out!If your art is anything to go by ( and I feel it must be) your gentle humour,tender heart, sweet nature and generous nature shines through!All your paintings are like gifts....I am so appreciative and greatful that you are able to share your images here.It has become a bed-time ritual with my children to look at your work before retiring and it certainly seems to sweeten their dreams.Their dear faces become so contented ,relaxed and happy....they actually skip down the corridor to bed!Thankyou!(persephone)

naddy's picture

Why thank you Vera!

naddy's picture

Thanks Michael! You're right, there not much one needs to add to give character to these hounds.

vera-lucia's picture

Basset hounds are lovely creatures and those two are the loveliest I ever saw. You are the best James!

Guest's picture

Great work as always James, I love how you didn't over do it at all, you just let their houndness speak for its self.

naddy's picture

I'm a proud owner of a bassett myself. So I've had lots of time to take in their beauty. The kind of beauty only a bassett owner would know. Thank you Guest!

Guest's picture

i have a particular fondness for bassets. the way you portray them is niether silly or serious, they both look inquisitive and alert but not stiff, you managed to capture the deffinite floppyness without making them look like wet noodles. very good.

naddy's picture

Why thank you Nell. I have a weakness for Bassett Hounds!

elven-nell's picture

This picture is so adorable I almost cried. (I have a special weakness for dogs) The colours you use are always lovely, too.

Guest's picture

I don't know if I like the picture better... or the comment! (just kidding of course... it's the picture). Quite lovely... the dogs look so real... I'd almost suspect you really saw the little fairy there and this was a real scene.

bernie's picture

You've really captured the basset hound! Looks just like my Bernie,with the curled lip and all!Arn't they funny! Can I get a print?

naddy's picture

Thanks Marilyn! I had good models.

blueunicorn's picture

Your pet portraits are so magical!

naddy's picture

I don't know what I'd do without my bassett. Thanks! Socar

naddy's picture

Thank you ! Patrick

socar's picture

Awww...what a cute scene! I almost missed the tiny elf at first. The hounds look so perplexed to see it there! The mood in this is wonderful!

kss's picture

really nice
took me a while to realize the little elf.

Art at its best.