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James Browne

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Added: Sep 03, 2002
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all began one morning after Sunday School. Mom had
always been scolding me for collecting little things and
keeping them in my pockets. Often forgetting my
treasures, they would sometimes end up in the wash.
My favorite catch of the day was usually live such as
a salamander or tree toad and that is exactly what I was
foraging for when I happened on my first encounter
with something I had only dreamed about after
listening to stories told by my mom. On this particular
Sunday I had my eye on a large toad jumping across
the playground as fast as he could to avoid being
smashed by children's feet that were set on getting to
the one swing in the whole playground. I thought I
saw the toad leap behind an old log and knew he
would be a great pet if I could just catch him. My
chubby little hands reached behind the log and
suddenly I was nose to nose with a very little person.
Children are rarely shocked! At any rate, I had no time
to inspect my little person as we had to leave for home.
I gently tucked my new friend inside my little jacket
and decided not to tell anyone about the whole thing.
All the way home I couldn't sit still from the
excitement, but mostly because the little fellow kept
tickling me. When we arrived home.................

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naddy's picture

Thank you Jackie. I've been painting with watercolors for quite sometime now, so I've had a lot of practice. The tree is holding his head because this is a self portrait and I usually get a headache when I strain my eyes too much while painting, but it's worth it.

Guest's picture

What a gorgeous image! The expression on his face, the detailing throughout the whole image, the colors - it's all very well executed. You handle watercolors very well (I have no talent with them and am always very appreciative of those who do). I love the background too, especially the clock and the tree holding his forhead.

feral's picture

*speachless on account of greatness*

Guest's picture

I love the details you included in this work, like the beautiful clock and the tree in the painting with the worried expression. It is good to see an appreciated artist on the internet who doesn't work in digital. How big is the original painting?

jmrart's picture

I love your style- so whimsical and yet profound. It touches. We all have that little kid deep down inside still- cute fat cheeks and all. Beautifully rendered and magically narative- as with all your work. And I really love that you have one of your pieces on the wall in the background. Great stuff.

kat980's picture

Why do all your pictures bring tears to my eyes?

christar's picture

Yes and no.
Yes, you do have "chubby checks" every time you sell one of your masterpieces; and two, no, you do have chubby cheeks still. *LOL* kidding!

naddy's picture

I don't have those chubby checks anymore. Thanks Chris

naddy's picture

Why thank you Socar. I'm glad you like mini-me. And no I never received a copy of the interview.

karin's picture

What an idea! It's really wonderful. I love it. You are a famous painter. Smile

Guest's picture

Unbelievable as usual James. This is so precious and sweet. You could give a girl a toothache. I just love the story too. I keep going back and Gasping at the detail and rendering. Please James if you have done a childrens book or are doing one soon. Let me know so I can buy it. I have Children! And your art is so magical I want them to love it and cherish it. Course Mom will too. Smile

christar's picture

Your chubby little cheeks are super cute!

socar's picture

WHOA, James! This is stellar! A real masterpiece! Is it new? I don't think I saw it on your site before. The expression you've got on your face is awesome...and the background reminds me of old-school fairy-tale illustrations in a very good way. Hey, on a side-note, did you get the second copy of the interview I sent you? If not, let me know, and I can send it again, or we can do it over ICQ if it is more convenient.

Art at its best.