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Added: Nov 11, 2002
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This little twigge will stand on his own one day.

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naddy's picture

I knew you would love this one Wenche, being a mother. Thank you.

naddy's picture

Thank you Marcela

naddy's picture

A true compliment from an excellent artist. Thank you Patrick.

naddy's picture

Thank you Muromi. I put the URL address on mostly for protection.

naddy's picture

Awe, don't cry. Thank you for your thoughts Kulbongkot. I don't where I would've been without my parent's love & care either.

Guest's picture

Your painting warms my heart

twstdrealty8's picture

Oh, this is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen it's making me sick. Smile Very lovely and warm.

megaflow's picture

Every gesture is perfect, every line lovingly drawn. Couldn't be better!

drowdragon's picture

such peaceful work ^__^ and very cute indeed! the only thing that fishes me a bit is the big internetadress ^^; but that doesnt change it being an awesome picture!

chutap's picture

your picture brought tears into my eyes...and in a good way..i mean, i feel the nostalgia.. like..i wanted to be a kid again and have my parents protecting me like that and don't have to go to school and stuff... don't know if i could even survive through high school.

naddy's picture

Thank you Marilyn. Yes, they are proud of him. He's still not ready to be on his own yet but he's got a great future ahead of him.

naddy's picture

Awe, don't be nervous. I think the movie is going be a masterpiece. I can't wait. Thanks!

naddy's picture

Why thank you Socar. It's always great hearing from you. I have the same admiration for your wonderful work.

naddy's picture

Thank you Diane

blueunicorn's picture

I love the way you "people" your trees! They each have their own individual personalities. I especially like the little twigge in this one. They seem so proud of him.

jmrart's picture

Love that style! and despite the snow its such a warm touching moment. Its so nice to know there's at least someone out there who's probably as nervous about how well they do the Ents in Two Towers as I am.

socar's picture

Awwww...what a warm, happy's...heartwarming. I am running out of new ways to praise your art...I love it all.

diane's picture

Absolutely delightful!

Art at its best.