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Added: Mar 17, 2003
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Just a little painting I created while in Germany. I actually painted this one on mat board because I was out of watercolor paper.

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naddy's picture

It makes me feel good that you feel good.

Guest's picture

This picture is gentle, yet painful touch from childhood. I love how your paintings make me feel.

naddy's picture

Yep! She is very small! Thanks Amarilli

ama's picture

It may be little but it shows all your talent with this medium !!!

naddy's picture

Your paintings always bring a smile to my face too. Thank you Wenche!

Guest's picture

Your paintings made me always happy

naddy's picture

You can call me James, Abranda. Mr. Browne makes me feel too old & you've got some beautiful watercolors yourself. Thank you for the compliments!

abranda's picture

Great as usual. So much talent. I wish I could get my watercolors to look so enchanting. Beautiful work Mr. Browne. Just beautiful.

naddy's picture

All my life I've been in love with trees. They have a life of their own & I've seen quite a number of them with faces. Thanks for stopping by Nell.

naddy's picture

Thank you for your kind words.

naddy's picture

I'm glad you like it Mary. Thanks!

elven-nell's picture

James, you've done it again! I love the soothing, enchanted atmosphere, oh, and the faces on the trees!!!!!!!!

Guest's picture

Very nicely done, James - your work has so much magic to it. So lovely!

rhiamon's picture

Oh, it's lovely, James! How do you get such detail when you're painting 3 x 6"?! I have a hard enough time with 9 x 12"! I love the snoozy trees. Your work is absolute magic!

naddy's picture

Patrick, I expect the same from your wonderful work. Thanks buddy!

naddy's picture

Thank you Anthony! The outlining is actually done with sepia ink.

naddy's picture

Yes, that little girl has a new friend. Thanks James!

megaflow's picture

James, I have come to expect the extraordinary from your work, and this is no exception! Great... everything! The Tarot-style moon is very expressive.

bliz's picture

...would do well in a childrens book. I like the technique you've got going of outlining with brown paint. It's really good to see a tight detailed watercolour.

somerset's picture

Ah! fairytale magic! I can't see that wee girls face, but I can imagine her expression, love the overall feel to this one, and that is a nice touch with the enchanted tree faces, Excellent!

naddy's picture

Thank you Don! I admire your work too! The original is roughly 3x6 inches.

dhuber's picture

You're work is always so pleasing to look at. I really like the blue color that you've used throughout the painting, because of the nice mood it creates.
When you say little, just what size is the original?

Art at its best.