THE MONARCH by naddy


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Added: Jun 03, 2003
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A recent commission I just completed of two beautiful sisters.

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amazing this is definately the best picture in your gallery Laughing out loud

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The sisters' noses are the same. Many artists forget the small things. I love it.

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The Artist's code is like the magician's code isn't it? Just like a magician, the artist can never give away his/her secrets. I bet many a great artist has taken their secrets with them to the grave. Oh well, I guess an artist does deserve to benefit from the secret techniques that they have spent so many 100s of hours developing. Us begginner artists are just gonna have to learn the hard way, like you guys did.
By the way, fantastic work, I would have tremendous problems even creating this digitally, much less through natural media. Now that I have been experimenting with oils and acrylics, I can appreciate just how remarkable an accomplishment like this truly is.
And I don't hate you for keeping your secrets.

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Why thank you Lisa! I'm glad it makes you happy.

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.... This left me so speechless. Watercolour? This sort of art is the art that makes me sooo happy. Smile

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Thanks Denny. I'm glad you like my work. It's always good to hear from you.

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I love your work James! This one is exceptionally good! the faces have such a charming expression and the flower and branches really hold this piece together. woooow... Laughing out loud

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I feel the same way about your work Anneth. Right back at ya!

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Thank you for your wonderful comments Marisa. I'm glad you like my work.

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Simply charming! There expressions are so delicate but impish, one can't help if it's just the butterfly they're looking at ;D You just keep getting better and better... *Bows*

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Your work is so breath takingly beautiful... I wish I had something useful to say, but really I am speechless. So I will just admire some more... thanks for sharing your wonderful work with all of us, James!

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Thank you Cornelia! I had a wonderful time creating this piece for you guys. You have raised two beautiful girls.

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Thanks Larry! Welcome to Epilogue, by the way. I'm a big fan of your watercolors too.

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WOW! Thanks Rita! I guess I'll keep painting then. Thank you for the great compliments.

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I've always enjoyed painting children. The inocense of childhood is priceless. Thank you Marilyn!

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Hey Mere, thanks!

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Wenche, always great to hear from you. Thank you once again.

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Yes, they did love it. It was easy because the children were so beautiful. Thank you Harmony!

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Why thank you for your kind words Marjolein. I try to reply as much as I can. There are alot of great people here at Epilogue, including yourself, and I always look forward to the response on my work. It's always inspiring. This painting took about 35 hrs and my personal favorite is "High Point".

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Thank you once again Iris. I really enjoyed doing this painting.

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James, this is definitely your best ever!! I will always treasure the painting of our daughters. Thanks for making it so special!! I just can’t stop looking at it Smile

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James - I just had to add my voice to all the others and tell you how much I like this painting. You have such control over the always tricky medium of watercolour. Good show !

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Always, when I see, there is a pic from you, I HAVE TO look at it. It´s almost impossible, but it really seems, you are getting better with every painting. Impossible therefore, because, you´ve already done MASTERPICES!!! Looking forward to see more Smile Rita

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Wonderful as always, James! When it comes to painting children you have a magic touch and they all have that certain enchantment about them. I do love your work.

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wow! abolutely perfect!

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Great watercolors work,I can not understand how you kan do this. Love the way you put the colors together.

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Amazingingly beautiful! I bet their parents adore this Smile. I personally think this is your best painting to date (those wings and colors on the left.. I can't stop staring at them). Lovely, lovely, lovely.

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I'm not the first person who comment on this pic. But it's really cool that you always reply a comment. I Appreciate that very much.
You are that kind of person I always wanted to be...mabye sometime...
How long have you worked on this picture? And what is your personal favorite? Thanks for showing your talent...good luck with your new pics...Marjolein

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OOh James, you've done it again. This is so fantastic. Those colors, those flowers, the trees, the girls..... everything is fantastic. I can only wish for such a talent.

Art at its best.