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Added: Apr 04, 2002
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I was browsing through some art at the bookstore and came across a guy named james Cristen .(sp?) He did alot of fantasy stuff with short midgets and such. There was a page of really ruff sketches of fish and one hinted at being a mechanical fish so i went home and ran with that idea. I actually like my pencil drawing better, the colors seem gaudy to me. Maybe someday i will rework it.

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Beautiful Art.Very Mechanicaly Alive.The Ocean-Space Like Imige Is Very Original.Lovr It!!!!

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It makes me want to cry ;0; It's so beautiful... I love it, and I don't even know why. It makes me want to fly too @_@

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I'm in utter awe. I'm experiencing the whole mouth hanging open, slightly abashed that people label me an "artist" when I am no where near as talented as you feeling. you make me want to work harder. love your art. all of it. its imaginative and robust (yes, thats right, robust.) I wish I had your amazing skill. keep up the good work- You're brilliant. Your art is fantastic. Don't ever stop.

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Whoa! talk about detail! Very awsome pic.I hope you know that a lot of people would pay to have your art I know I would

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Whoa! talk about detail! Very awsome pic.I hope you know that a lot of people would pay to have your art I know I would

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MAmaa!! i wanna go home!!
Yeah i finished going through your page, and now i've agreed that you are outstanding!

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This picture remindes me of this crazy movie I saw and these people were all thrown into the ocean and they saw this island off in the distance but then it started moving and- well.. "I spy with my little eye something that starts with M!" "Its a.... its a deamon!!" "No you idiot demon starts with a d! Its a monster!!!" Then they all yell and get swallowed. Anywho I love it along with all of your work. .:: Revy

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This one is cool, it reminds me of the robotic shark from that claymation movie, 'James and the Giant Peach'.

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One day when i grow up and have kids of my own, i want to be able to take them to the same place where u caught this fish. I mean, that just looks delicious..ahh i can see it now, catching these fish and frying them up on the grill...add some tabasco sauce and we are good go! Again though, i really am concerned about the mechanical fish though. It will RUST in water wont it? I mean, poor fish...they obviously dont have a long life span

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That is a nice fish.
Where did you take this photo at?
I want to go there take me with you timmy. (its time to come out and play timmay)

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Whoa.. why do you always leave me speachless? It aint fair.. how do you come up with something like this? You must have one very, very creative mind..'

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I've been a huge fan of James Christensen's work for many years. I can see how it would inspire you. This is wonderful - the greens are sea-like and work really well with this piece. Excellent work!

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excellent piece!! its just so peaceful, i love the style and the way you have drawn this, brilliant

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Tim, you're trying to remember James Christainsen, I think and yes, I see the influence if that's who it is. Man, I like your work a lot. It's very fresh and I can't wait to see some more.

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heh, i dont even know what the tutorial really is , but im excited about it now:)

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i love the colors... but then, i'm a sucker for blues/greens... and bold colors in general. love your work.

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That looks pretty neet. I wouldn't say gaudy, maby just bold.

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Gaudy? Nah...the contrast is great and the mostly greenish palette sets a great tone for the overall work. Very creative!

Art at its best.