B o t a n i c a by telegraphic

B o t a n i c a

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Added: Apr 05, 2002
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I did these in highschool with prismacolor pencils....the manga is a bit genaric, but i have improved my anime style since then, although i still think they are cute lookin. I was planning on making, botanic, fire, water farys but i never put the effort into making then rest.

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I love the faces! They're so cute! And the color creates quite a verdant feel... wonderful... absolutely wonderful! (I wanna see more of these fairies...)

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This one's great! I like it. Well done.

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Okay...geesh someone get some grass clippers and cut them girls hair. Nappy Grass hair! Timmy....your really on a downward slope....What is going on?

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Are those fairy girls over 18? I mean, sure they are cute looking, but the people in fairy land might be upset. Just imagine if you were those two girls father. Its just a good thing you did such a great job, color whore. (stop hiding behind the mask timmy)

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Ooo.. O_O Your such a great designer with such stylish art.. the colors are amazing and unforgetable..

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Smile They are so cute..prr..rr..Love your work. And the 'gelpen-thing' is a really great idea!

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I'm w/ Aurora on this one. *gazes at the colors* They're sooooo deep and true that it looks digital. My mom bought me some prismacolor pencils and they're THE BEST! Only I can't come anywhere close to your art. How many colors do you have? (maybe in some way I can convince my parents to buy me more if they see what you do. heh heh heh...)

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That is truely adorable! I love the colour work you have applied to this piece, and I even thought it was digital when i first saw it!
I ahve been contemplating purchasing soem prisma coours for a while now, and you have definately just sold them to me! Incredible work for such a yound and obviousy talented artist ^-^

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Nice piece , Tim. Very playful & a great sense of color & design. I love the faeries' eyes.

Art at its best.